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  • Solar Powered Patio Umbrella

    Now you can sit on your patio and keep out of the blazing sun this summer with this super-strong Polyester fabric, patio umbrella. Can be adjusted to 9 feet tall by way of a crank and includes a tilt…


  • Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

    If you’re fed up with buying batteries for your wireless computer keyboard, then the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard is the answer. This super-popular gadget is only 0.3 inches thick and uses quiet, concave keys. Stays charged for at…


  • Three Wheel Skates

    If you’re fed up with walking, then try skating with these cool adult-size three wheel skates which will support body weights of up to 190 lbs. They strap right over your shoes and you’re ready to go!


  • Titin Force Weighted Compression Shirt

    Don’t strain yourself working out, protect your muscles with the Titin Force Weighted  Compression Shirt. This shirt also contains gel pockets for applying heat or cold to overworked muscle groups. Lots of sizes and colors available. So don’t bust…


  • VitalGrill Survival Stove

    Keep your home fires burning with this VitalGrill Survival Stove, it will burn any type of solid fuel including charcoal and animal sh… dung. Uses a quiet battery powered fan. Surprisingly efficient, it will heat to 760 degrees C…


  • Leather iPhone 6 Wallet Case

    Avoid walking around with a separate wallet and iphone, this leather wallet case will protect your phone and give you storage for up to 8 plastic cards, cash, keys etc. One less thing to lose or keep your eye…


  • Nathan Lightspur

    Keeping fit in the dark can be hazardous, make sure you can be seen when out running at night with these Nathan Light Spurs which attach firmly to the heels of your trainers, then illuminate to give a steady-on…


  • Martian Notifier Smartwatch

    Despite the name, the Martian notifier watch, will not notify you of incoming aliens, but this very cool timepiece will give you update alerts set via your Iphone or other device and show caller ID’s, SMS, e-mails, Social media…


  • Neatconnect Digital Cloud Scanner

    Here’s a nifty gadget for PC/Mac owners, the NeatConnect WiFi Cloud Scanner and digital filing system. Scan in any paper item or digital files for storage in the Cloud or send them to various applications such as email, Dropbox…


  • Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat

    Give your crapper a ghostly glow and never lose your seat, with this glowing toilet seat, charge it up and watch it illuminate your sewage facility for up to 8 hours. Craptastic novelty!


  • Icraze Adjustable Laptop Table

    The iCraze adjustable Laptop Table is just the thing for laptop users. Made from aluminum this stand will will lock at any angle so you can get it perfectly positioned for typing every time. Very popular stand.


  • Personal Library Kit

    Great gift for real book lovers, this personal library kit will make sure they never lose another book after lending it!


  • Pocketmonkey Wallet Multi-tool

    Here’s a handy little gadget for any wallet, and for once The Pocketmonkey Multi-tool is made in the USA! Use it to drive screws, undo and tighten your nuts, open bottles, letters etc. At 1 mm thick it won’t…


  • Portable Beach Shelter

    If you need to get out of the blazing sun or take shelter from persistent rain, this popular Sport-Brella portable sun shelter, is just the job. At over 9 feet wide there is plenty of room for two under…


  • Culinary Ratchet Grinder

    Take the grind out of crushing your condiments with this Kuhn Rikon ratchet grinder. Make easy work of grinding salt, pepper and any other spices that need to be ground before use. Very popular item, saves all that twisting…


  • Samsung T3 External 2 Terrabyte SSD

    This is just about the ultimate SSD external drive! The Samsung T3 model: MU-PT2T0B-AM has a massive 2 Terrabytes of storage, with USB 3.0 capability making for superfast data transfer of up to 450 Meg a second. Incredibly, this…


  • Securifi Almond Touchscreen Router

    Stop fiddling with your router! The Securifi Almond touchscreen wireless router and range extender can be set up in just 3 minutes or less. No computer or CD needed for setting-up or management Can be used as a primary…


  • Self Defense Keychain

    This personal safety keychain may look like a bit of flimsy plastic, but it’s very strong and  makes a very effective defense weapon when slipped over two fingers like a knuckleduster. Measures just 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches….


  • Travel Organizer Case Set

    Traveling these days means keeping your electronics dry, this set of soft, waterproof travel cases will do just that. Three sizes, largest: 10 x 7 x 3 inches.


  • Q-Ba Maze Big Box

    This popular educational toy is great for teaching kids to be creative. and for those who like to exercise the mind, the Q-Ba Maze 2.0 Big Box is also suitable for adults too.


  • Newtons Cradle

    If you have always thought that Newton’s theory about every action having and equal and opposite reaction was a load of balls, you were right! This Newtons Cradle device will prove the theory to you while you have fun…


  • Musical Piano Tie

    Here’s a fun novelty item for musicians, a touch-sensitive necktie that will play an eight note musical scale, the tiny speaker is containedwithin the knot. Ideal for composing chart-busting songs anywhere!


  • Mickey Mouse Airwalker Balloon

    Young kids will love this giant Mickey Mouse foil balloon, at 52 inches tall it may be bigger than them, great for parties etc.


  • Shark Repellent

    Next time you’re out swimming or surfing in shark-infested waters, take a can of Sharktec Shark Repellent Spray with you. Apparently it contains the same chemical found in putrefied shark tissue, which seems tp work very well at deterring…


  • Aquabilt A-2000 Pool Treadmill

    Keep fit and stay cool at the same time with the Aquabilt A-2000 swimming pool treadmeill exerciser. There’s no electrics, so no danger of going bang while you work out! It’s rustless, so the treadmill can be left in…


  • Ismartalarm Home Security System

    The Ismartalarm Home Security System allows you to keep an eye on your property when you are not at home. Offers a Pan-tilt live view of your property. If the system gets activated you can receive alerts by Phone,…


  • Glass Sided Kitchen Toaster

    Ever since the toaster was first invented in 1893 folks have been eating anaemic or charred toast. The Maxi-Matic ECT-153 Elite glass-sided toaster solves that problem and is probably the best thing since sliced bread! Great idea that was…


  • Litecubes Led Ice Cubes

    Get your guests in the party mood with this set of 6 Litecubes light-up LED ice cubes. Yes, we sh*t you not! These battery powered ice cubes can be set to show a single color or change through multiple…


  • Lay Z Spa Miami

    If you want to take a bath in your yard, and why not? normally a hot tub will cost you an arm and a leg, but the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami inflatable hot tub is a snip at less than…


  • Joseph Double Party Dish

    It’s tough to get excited about a dish, but this popular Joseph double dish is ideal for party food and snacks. The removable segmented top dish sits in larger bottom dish which can be used to collect the fallout…


  • JXD-S7800b HDMI Gaming Console

    JXD S7800B Capacitive Touchscreen Games Console. 7- inch screen, twin joysticks, button mapping, and  other stuff only gamers will understand! Apparently it can be used for Android and Wii games. Check it out!


  • Wrapables Mini Tabletop Cow Vacuum

    Here’s a fun, novelty item that will bring a smile to your face. It’s a tabletop vacuum cleaner for crumbs and other debris. The kids will love to play with this after mealtimes, and they can be doing something…


  • Star Wars Death Star Moon Phase Print

    Here’s something different for Star Wars fans, an 8 x 10 inch print on canvas of the infamous Death Star. Titled: “That’s Not A Moon” by Artissimo Designs.


  • Kindle Voyage e Reader

    If you like reading, you’ll love the latest Kindle reader, the Kindle Voyage. This latest model has a 6-inch hi-res display, making it easier to see than previous models, and its onboard adaptive light gives perfect  brightness, during the…


  • Belkin Computer Tablet Stand And Stylus

    If you need a handy stand for your tablet while working check out this popular Belkin tablet stand with stylus. Compatible with most makes of tablet, non-slip base. Useful gadget.


  • Koolernaut Drinks Chiller

    Never drink warm beer or sodas again with this battery operated Kooloernaut drink chiller koozie, the digital thermometer in the case will tell you what temperature your drink is at.


  • Trioh Flashlight

    Most folks keep their flashlights hidden from view, because they’re ugly, but the folks at Trioh have thought outside the loop and created a flashlight for the houseproud that looks like an object d’art. This means it won’t look…


  • Pardus Video Gaming Glasses

    You know when you think “I’ll just have an hour’s gaming on the Playstation…” and 8 hours later you are still playing, and your eyes are sore and look like pissholes in the snow? It’s time to fit yourself…


  • Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus

    The Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus is ideal for folks who want to draw, sketch or write on capacitive touch-screen tablets and devices of all types but need something a bit chunkier than a normal stylus. Works on any running app.


  • Wink Relay – Smart Home Wall Controller

    If you like to be in control the Wink relay 4 inch multi-touch screen allows access to all your smart gadgets via the Wink app, turn lights on and off, set temperatures and lots more. Cool.


  • Satechi BT Bluetooth MediaRemote

    This Satechi BT Bluetooth MediaRemoteConnected will pair with a multiply array of devices allowing you to control them all remotely from this one gadget. Works with, iPhone, iPad and other OS compatible devices. Very popular gadget.


  • Sand Free Multimat

    Here’s a great idea for keeping an area sand and dirt-free while on the beach or having a picnic, ideal for grit-free food, and sandwiches without the sand! The special weave on this mat only allows dirt to pass…


  • Ion Go Pad

    Be prepared for gaming anytime with this folding Ion Go Pad game controller, plugs into any PC USB port, great for folks with small hands! Nice idea.


  • Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

    Here’s a fun novelty footwear item for beach dwellers who want to meet new people, Da Vinci ‘Follow Me’ Bring Beer’ imprint flip flops do exactly what they say as you walk along the sand.


  • Jokari Soda Fizz Keeper Pump Cap

    Never drink gone-flat soda again with this Jokari Soda Fizz Keeper Pump Cap, fits all standard 1 – 2 liter plastic PET bottles. Preserves the carbonation and keeps soda fizzy and more drinkable for weeks once opened. Very popular,…


  • Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray

    Add some bling to your drinks using this Cool Jewels ice cube tray. Each tray produces six gemstone-shaped ice cubes, for even more effect you could color the water with food dye before freezing or maybe even freeze some…


  • Gerber GDC Belt With Buckle Tool

    If you need a heavy-duty belt to hold up your kecks then this 52 inch Gerber GDC Belt is just the job. Not only will it hold up your pants, it’s useful too, with a removable tool in the…


  • Hackedpack Hammock Backpack

    Here’s a clever idea for travellers and outdoor folk who like to sleep soundly when away from home. The HackedPack Hammock Backpack. To look at it’s an ordinary backpack but the secret of this is it has a comfy…


  • Iphone 6 Battery Case

    Protect your iPhone and increase talk/browsing time by 10+ hours with this cool Spigen Iphone 6 battery-pack case. The robust case include a 3100 mAh rechargeable power bank that extends normal phone battery life by around 150%. Compatible with…


  • Idsonix USB Hub

    Never run out of USB ports again with iDsonix 13-Port USB 3.0 Hub. Includes 2 fast, dedicated charging ports and LED indicators for each port in use. Compatible with Windows and Apple computers. The latest USB 3.0 technology is…


  • Handleband Smartphone Bike Mount

    The Nite Ize HandleBand is for cyclists who want to be able to view their Smartphone screens easily as they cycle along, without running the the risk of dropping it, or breaking the law. Universal fitting for almost all…


  • Hdmi Pocket Projector

    Bring your videos to the big screen almost anywhere with this Brookstone HDMI pocket projector. Connects Smartphones, tablets, PC’s, DVD players and other devices with an hdmi output. 100-lumen LED lamp lasts up to 20,000 hours and projects images…


  • Inkling Digital Sketch Pen

    The Wacom Inkling digital sketching pen looks like a very cool gadget for artists and anyone who likes to draw. As you sketch your ideas, the Inkling captures a digital likeness of your sketch which can then be transferred…


  • Outdoor Insect Repellant Lantern

    Warm weather generally means spending more time outside at night indulging in various activities, just at time when various biting insects want to chomp on your flesh, so keep the pesky varmints at bay with this ThermaCell insect repelling…


  • Nerdwax Glasses Bridge Wax

    If you wear spectacles like me, you will know they are a real pain in the butt when they keep slipping down the bridge of your nose, due what you may be doing. The answer to the constant slippage…


  • Sungale Teddy Bear

    How about this lovely, fluffy err… portable speaker for Smartphones and MP3 devices. The Sungale S-T1 Portable Teddy Speaker will cuddle your device while you listen to it. Uses 2AA batteries. Cute. Awww.


  • Playstation Tv

    Sony PlayStation TV Avid gamers will love this Sony Playstation TV device, it allows you to stream most of your PS4 games from a PS4 system over local Wi-Fi to any HDMI compatible TV in your abode. Very popular…


  • Pioneer App Radio 4 SPH-DA120

    Here’s the latest super-cool gadget for your vehicle, the Pioneer AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120 Smartphone Receiver,  for the non-techy folks that’s a radio through which you can use a mobile phone through via Bluetooth. The App Radio has a big…


  • Sureflap Microchip Cat Door

    With a Sureflap Microchip Cat Door your cat can enter and leave the house as it pleases, day or night so you never have to worry about letting them in or out. This clever device works with your cat’s…


  • Stashback For Iphone 5

       If you have an iPhone 5 this handy Incipio iPhone 5s wallet case will not only protect your phone from damage, but allows you to carry your cards and and cash safely within the case. All phone controls…


  • Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

    You are probably wondering WTF is Sous vide right? Well it’s a method of cooking used by top chefs. This gadget lets you lets you turn any pot or pan into a ‘sous vide’ water bath for perfect cooking…


  • Safety Spair Tire Puncture Repair System

    This Slime 70005 Safety Spair 7 minute flat tire repair system, will do exactly what it says, repair a punctured tyre and and reinflate it in 7 minutes. Just put the end over the valve stem and switch on,…


  • Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Board Game

    The Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Board Game is a traditional family game for 2 to 12 players, no prizes for guessing it’s based around the popular TV show Duck Dynasty, fun game for all.


  • Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

    Super-cool Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard with wireless remote hand controller allows you to cruise up to 18 miles without pedalling! Lightweight at 14 pounds with a flexible deck.


  • Ikea Ekorre Hammock Seat

    The Ikea Ekorre Hammock Seat is great for hanging out in, ideal for kids but can support weight of up to 154 pounds. The psycho mumbo-jumbo is that swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception. and brings…


  • Verso Prologue Kindle Reader Cover

    Protect your Kindle from knocks and scratches with this smart Verso Prologue Kindle reader cover, available in several designs and colors. Very popular protection for Kindle devices.


  • Weather Forecasting Storm Glass

    Japan have been making weird sh*t since the 1960’s so this Weather Forecast Storm Glass should come as no suprise. The chemicals inside the sealed jar ‘react’ when there’s a storm on the way so you have time to…


  • J Pillow Travel Pillow

    If you’re a frequent long-distance traveller, you know sleeping can be a pain in the neck, literally, so for long-haul trips get yourself a J pillow,  this great invention provides neck and chin support so awake feeling refreshed rather…


  • Iport Launchport For Ipad

    The iPort Launch Port system uses magnets and wireless charging technology so you can dock an iPad on a wall or table. The system consists of a docking Station and an iPad Sleeve. The Launch Port AM.2 Sleeve works…


  • Chapter 16 Iphone 6 Protective Book Case

    Protect your iPhone 6 from knocks and scratches with this natty vintage leather case, that has the appearance of a book. Inside also has storage wallet for ID’s, cards, and paper money. Fits your phone perfectly, which still giving…


  • Joby Gorillatorch Flare – Flexible Tripod Flashlight

    “Let there be light” and there will be if you have a Joby Gorillatorch Flare flashlight with its adjustable tripod and flexible arms. Four powerful red LEDs, and one 100 lumen ultra-bright CREE LED let you see what you…


  • Tagg Pet Tracker

    You will never lose Tiddles or Fido again if you fit their collar with the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. This cool gadget will make sure you never have to suffer the worry and heartache of a lost pet. The…


  • Travel The World On 50 A Day Book

    If you want to see the world, but you’re a bit broke, this book will pay for itself many times over, for $12 or less you can travel all around the world with a budget of up to $50…


  • Vivere Original Dream Chair

    If you like relaxing outside, but out of the blazing hot sun, get yourself the Vivere Original Dream Chair,  with its built-in 46 inch canopy. Polyester covered with a couple of inches of padded foam for extra comfort. This…


  • Waterproof Mp3 Music Player

    If you like listening to your favorite music anywhere, even under water then this Geartronic MP3 Music Player is just the job at a price that is sure to float your boat. Light in weight, the device will clip…


  • Roku 3500r Streaming Stick

    If you love watching TV and movies then the Roku Streaming Stick is just the ticket, works with all the best Streaming services, including Amazon Instant, VUDU, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and 3,000 other channels. Access over 300k…


  • Mtech Survival Knife

    If you like to look good when you’re in the great outdoors, then this Mtech Assisted Opening Pocket Knife might be just the thing. Finished in a snazzy gold color, the knife has a 440 Surgical Stainless steel blade,…


  • Puzzle Pod Cryptex Coin Bank

    The Puzzle Pod is a fun money bank but with a unique twist. It allows you to create a puzzle, in the style of the ‘Da Vinci Code’ that then has to be solved before the bank can be…


  • Kootek K1 Tactical Flashlight Knife

    The Kootek K1 Multifunctional Self Defense Survival Knife is a handy item to have around. It is mains rechargeable with a powerful 3300mAh battery. Has 800 lumens LED that shine a 500 foot zoomable beam of light. Also includes…


  • Stouch Mini iPhone Fan

    If you are a ‘fan’ of keeping cool, then you’ll like this little gadget that plugs into your iPhone or iPad, and other 8-pin Apple products. The Stouch Mini personal cooling fan has super-soft fan blades that rotate at…


  • Music Angel JH-FD19 Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

    Music Angel JH-FD19 Levitating Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakeripad B010NATKYI Most wireless speakers are just boring to look at, not so with this ultra-cool Music Angel JH-FD19 Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. This looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, the…


  • World Travel Adapter

    If you are a member of the Jet Set or like to travel to different countries, then this elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter is a great gadget to have with you. The Tripshell will let you charge all your…


  • X Mini We Micro Bluetooth Speaker

    Listen to music stored on your Smartphone without headphones with this X Mini We Micro Bluetooth Speaker. Get up to six hours of Bluetooth playback per charge, and just re-charge via the micro USB port. Works with any Bluetooth-compatible…


  • 55 Gallons Water-Based Lubricant

    The most fun you can have for under $1200! This huge 55 gallon drum of water-soluble natural lubricant has enough possibilities to boggle the mind! Like mudless mud wrestling and, and… gasp. Use your imaginations!


  • HTC RE Camera

    If you want a simple point and shoot camera, then they don’t come much simpler then the HTC Re Camera. This one is 16 Megapixel with a fool-proof 146 degree ultra-wide angle to make sure you get everything in…


  • Usb Watch With Flash Drive

    Never be without a USB… Flash drive. This colorful watch ensures you always have a way of storing or sharing data about your person, it tells the time too! 8 GB storage capacity with a rechargeable Lithium battery.


  • Devotec Fuel Micro Mobile Charger

    This dinky Devotec Fuel Phone Charger is the smallest mobile phone charger in the world measuring just 2.4 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.2 cm (one inch = 2.54 cm). It will increase the talk time of most Smartphones…


  • Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

    The Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch responds to your Voice and does as you command! The Moto 360 is a watch and fitness which calculates all your vital exercise data, Works with any smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher, very…


  • Keurig K130 Deskpro Brewing System

    This has to be the best desktop accessory ever! The Keurig K130 Deskpro Brewing System will brew a single 8 ounce cup of your favorite beverage in less than 3 minutes. Easy cleaning and maintenance. No coffee grounds, messy…


  • Transcend 1 Tb Pocket SSD Drive

    Take your life with you wherever you go with this state-of-the-art 1 Tb Pocket Sized Hard Drive with USB 3.0 connections. One touch backup for all files and an enormous 1 Terrabyte of file space, enough for several hundred…


  • Homego Emergency Cell Phone

    If you find your mobile battery has run out at the wrong time, you will be glad you had this Homego Mini Ultrathin Bank Card Size Cell Phone in your wallet. It’s unlocked for any SIM and uses quadband…


  • Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker

    Here’s a handy cooking gadget, the Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker cooks your nosh without electricity! That’s almost true, you have to boil the food first and then put the cooking pot in the Wonderbag to finish cooking. Very popular…


  • Cabidoor

    Here’s a great idea to make the most of all available space in your home! The Cabidor fixes onto to any standard door, and gives you 8 shelves on which to store your object ‘darts. 6 of the shelves…


  • MS Universal Foldable Keyboard

    When it is finally released later this month the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is sure to be another winning product that will swell MS Corp coffers even further. This little beauty is designed to work with iPad, iPhone, Android,…


  • Tree Shadow Lamp

    Add some tree-mendous lighting effects to any plain wall with this striking tree shadow lamp, the further the lamp is placed from the wall the bigger the shadow, runs on AA batteries. Cool idea.


  • Adjustable iPad Arm

    This Twelve South HoverBar 3 for iPad is a popular way of mounting an iPad onto any work surface up to an inch thick. Includes extra kickstand and fits most iPads including Airs and Minis. There’s no ‘arm’ in…


  • X Rocker 2 Wireless Gaming Chair

    Never get backache again while you are playing games on your console with this X Rocker 2 Wireless Video Gaming Chair. Uses no wires to transmit the audio into the onboard speakers. Includes volume and tone controls as well…


  • Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

    Super-popular Zojirushi Stainless Steel Drinking Mug with 20 ounce capacity. Internal insualtion keeps your drinks hot, ideal for an instant cuppa when you get to the office!


  • Hyperx 64GB Usb 3.0 Flash Drive

    If you are going to have one then you might as well have a big one! Flash drive that is, this Hyperx 64GB Usb 3.0 Flash Drive uses the latest and fastest USB 3.0 technology for the rapid transfer…


  • Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner

    This portable Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner is a very handy document scanner for anyone who needs to quickly copy text or pictures in color without the need for a computer. Takes 10 seconds to scan a page at 600…


  • Viper Smartstart Car Security System

    Find out if someone is trying to steal your vehicle from afar with this Viper Smartstart 5706V 2-way remote security system with a range of up to a mile. Lots of arming options with an LCD creen so you…


  • Tylt Vu Wireless Phone Charger

    This popular Tylt Vu Wireless Charger is the next generation of phone chargers that does not require the phone to be plugged in, just rest it on the stand and it charges as if by magic. Works with all…


  • Withings Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

    Keep an eye on your home from afar using your Smartphone with this Withings Home Security Camera. Capture what’s going on indoors with the 135 degree wide angle lens with night vision, motion and sound detection and air quality…


  • Wireless Talking Thermometer

    Make sure your meats are cooked safely through and done to perfection rather than incinerated to ‘be on the safe side’. This Oregon Wireless Talking Thermometer with an LCD readout will tell you when the your joint is cooked….


  • Foldable Bike Helmet

    There is nothing worse that walking around with a big helmet! The Carrera E00414 Foldable bike helmet solves that problem to some extent by virtue of its collapsible design making it far more compact, but still able to protect…


  • Folding Digital Scale

    This handy little Folding Digital Scale is great if you don’t have much space in your kitchen. Keep this little gadget in a drawer, just unfold the legs, switch on and it.s ready for use with any bowl. Tare…


  • Folding Ottoman Sleeper

    When not in use this Folding Ottoman Sleeper looks like a normal footrest or seat, but should you need an extra bed for a guest, just slide off the cover and unfold it to reveal a 75 x x…


  • Bamboo Cooling Pad

    Keep you laptool cool with this stylish Bamboo Cooling Pad. This USB powered device has twin 2.5 inch fans and three height settings to give you the perfect working angle.


  • Chilipad Bed Cover

    Being as we, as humans, spend a third of out lives in bed, we might as make ourselves as comfortable as we can. This Chilipad Bed Cover will do just that especially if your partner likes different bed conditions…


  • Evolution Travel Pillow

    Travel long distances in comfort and never get a stiff neck again with this Evolution Travel Pillow. Made with memory foam andhas adjustemnts to keep it in place. Supports your head and chin and includes a pouch to hold…


  • Adjustable Rolling Pin

    Full marks to the designer who thought up this idea for perfect pastry, an adjustable rolling pin! This 16.5 inch Beech wood pin uses discs fitted at either end to ensure uniform thickness of the dough. 4 different size…


  • Zoku Slush And Shake Maker

    Summer is coming so get ready to knock up your own refreshing slusk drinks and milkshakes with this Zoku Slush And Shake Maker. Speically designed cup turns your ingredients into your drink of choice in minutes. Very popular.


  • 9 In 1 Key Ring Tool Kit

    For the man who has everything except for one of those multitool key ring gadgets. This Swiss Tech 9 In 1 Key Ring Tool Kit is made from Stainless steel and has nine handy little tools, including small blades,…


  • 8 bit Wireless Classic Nes Controller

    This 8 bit Wireless Nes Controller wipes out Klingons or whatever at the touch of a button. This classic controlleruses Bluetooth technology nd is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. Supports iCade compatible games without jailbreaking your…


  • Kids Electric Chevrolet Camaro

    Any car-loving kid will like this smart 12 volt Electric Chevrolet Camaro, with a maximum load capacity of around 130 pounds it can accomodate 2 small children or one larger one. Runs for an hour on a full charge…


  • Horizontal Double Bike Lift

    This device will let you store 2 bicycles right out the way and give you lots more space in your garage. What’s more you won’t have to bust a gut. The Power Rax Horizontal Double Bike Lift is motorized…


  • Tabletop Fireplace

    Make any room extra cosy with this cool Tabletop Firplace. Constructed from speacial glass and Stainless steel this contemporary-looking fireplace use a liquid Bio fuel, that burns clean, so you get real flames and real heat. No venting is…


  • Aerobed Pakmat Inflatable Bed

    Pump up the volume bed, the Aero Pakmat bed that is with the hand pump provided! This airbed is great for camping, or for guests sleeping over at your home. 78 x 26 x 5 inches when inflated. Once…


  • Boogie Board Sync LCD Notepad

    The humble notepad enters the 21st century with the Boogie Board Sync, and saves trees too! The Boogie Board is a pressure-sensitive LCD writing tablet that creates lines of different thicknesses depending on how hard you press down on…


  • Ceiling Mount Power Cord System

    The RoboReel Ceiling Mount Power Cord System is likely the most costly extension cable on the market, but it’s a very cool way of keeping electric cables safely out of the way in a workshop or garage. reducing the…


  • Color In Wallpaper

    Here’s a great way to keep the kids busy for hours during the holidays and allow them to demonstarte their artistic talents. This color in wallpaper will keep them amused and decorate their rooms at the same time as…


  • Centipede Gaming Stand

    Gaming consoles and equipment can quickly become an unsightly mess with wires and cables looking like an explosion in a spaghetti factory, the solution is this Atlantic Centipede Game Storage Stand, which will not only store yourgaming gear but…


  • Doxie Go Mobile Scanner

    Increase the usefullness of your Smartphone with this Doxie Go Mobile Scanner, this portable gadget works on batteries and has its own onboard memory. Just insert a paper and scan full color pages in just 10 seconds at up…


  • Belkin Rockstar 5 Way Splitter

    If you are lucky enough to have 4 friends who like the same music as you you can share it with them from your device using this Belkin Rockstar 5 Way Splitter. Just plug in standard 3.5 mm headphone…


  • Bcoda Multishare Usb Content Streaming Device

    This Bcoda Multishare Usb Content Streaming Device looks like an ordinary USB, but lets you share HD audio or video content with up to 20 other Smartphones or tablets. Works with all PC/Android/USB versions. Cool gadget.


  • Bactrack Vio Keychain Breathalyzer

    If you get stopped by the law and you have had a few drinks it could cost you your license and a lot more than the cost of this handy Bactrack Vio Keychain Breathalyzer. Use before you get in…


  • Arlo Home HD Security Camera

    Find out who is lurking around your property and keep tabs on distant areas even in the dark with this Arlo Home HD Security Camera with night vision capability. Suitable for use indoors or out. Motion activated camera with…


  • Cryptex Usb Flash Drive

    The Cryptex Usb Flash Drive is a standard 16 GB Flash drive, but it is housed in secure outer container with a 5 digit combination lock to keep your data secure from anyone who doen’t have the time to…


  • Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

    Here’s a cool idea for Star Wars fans, the Death Star Bluetooth Speaker with a range of up to thirty feet will transmit sounds from any audio source including Smartphones across the time space continuum of your room!” Super…


  • Biolite Wood Burning Campstove

    This Biolite Wood Burning Campstove means you can sit around the fire and keep warm, brew up some coffee and charge up a smartphone at the same time. It will boil a liter of water in under 5 minutes,…


  • Car Expresso Machine

    If you like fresh Expresso coffee when you’re out on the road but miles from anywhere, then you need one of these, the Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker will brew up 53 ml coffee in around 2 minutes, just plug…


  • 2 In 1 Kitchen iPad and Tablet Mount

    This handy gadget is great for using iPads and tablets in the kitchen, keeping them out the way of slops and spills while still be easy to view. Dual mount will fix to walls or under kitchen cabinets, or…


  • Hidden Camera Clock Radio MP3 Player

    Find out what your pets do at home when you’re out, or record burglars stealing your stuff with this hidden camera clock radio. This popular Enko gadget has a built-in MP3 player as well as a radio and alarm…


  • Addalock Portable Lock

    Stop axe murderers getting you in the night! The Addalock portable lock increases the security of any hinged door that opens inwards, and is fitted in seconds without any tools, making it portable for traveling where you don’t trust…


  • Apricorn Encrypted Hard Drive

    Protect sensitive data while still having it portable with thi Apricorn Aegis Padlock Encrypted Hard Drive. With a USB 3,0 connection data transfer is 10x faster than a standard USB port. Military grade encryption makes it almost impossible to…


  • Amphiro A1 Smart Meter

    The Amphiro A1 Smart Meter is a self-monitoring energy efficiency meter for the shower. Simple to fit without tools or plumbing knowledge. In tests this very smart meter could save you on average 440 kWh of electricty and over…


  • Asus Chromebox

    The super-popular Asus Chromebox is ideal for folks who don’t want or need a desktop computer but still want to surf the internet and do many of the tasks online associated with a PC, like sending emails then this…


  • Mydigital 256gb SSD Pocketvault

    No need to worry about not having enough space on your Flash drive with this little beauty. The Mydigital SSD Pocketvault, is a solid state hard drive with an enormous 256 GB storage capacity.Supports 2.0 super-fast USB 3.0 for…


  • Universal Backlit Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

    This Jelly Comb Universal Backlit Mini Bluetooth Keyboard features Bluetooth 3.0 technology for a working distance of up to 10m. 7 color backlight options Supports IOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Measures about 9 x 5 inches a truly…


  • Lithium Card Charger

    This LinearFlux LithiumCard Portable 1200 mAh Charger is about a quarter inch thick and small enough to fit in most wallets, includes an onboard Micro USB Cable for Smartphones. 1200 mAh capacity means you never have to end a…


  • Simplicam Wifi Security Camera

    Keep an eye on things when you are not there with this Simplicam Wifi Security Camera. No need for a computer the Simplicam lets you monitor what’s going on using just your Smartphone, (but can also also be used…


  • Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker

    Most portable wireless speakers are made for use around the home and non-hostile environments, but the Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker is a super-rugged device that is 100% waterproof, weatherproof and shockproof so it can be taken and used almost…


  • RC King Tiger Tank 1-16 scale

    Prepare to invade Poland! Full scale R/C function simulative motor start-up sound (Upgrade Version w/ Metal Gear & Tracks) Maximum side turning angel of turret (left/right) approximately 320-degree The barrel moves up and down 30. the turret turns 320…


  • RC Mark 1 Tiger Tank

    This German Tiger 1 tank is installed with an airsoft firing unit. Mostly all-metal construction including the tracks makes it a highly realistic radio controlled model. Forward and revere speeds. Also includes a smoke pack and track recoil when…


  • RC M4A3 Sherman Tank

    Take control of this 1/16 scale radio controlled M4A3 Sherman Tank. Superbly detailed with forward and reverse speeds rotating turret and traversing main gun barrel and working suspension. Engine and weapons sound effects and a 35 degree climbing angle….


  • Galaxy S6 Glass Screen Guard

    Protect the screen of your Galaxy S6 phone with this bespoke tempered glass screen protector. No loss of clarity and scratches on the phone’s screen are eliminated. Comes with fitting tool and instructions.


  • BBQ Gloves Set

    These Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves are ideal for barbecuing or holding hot pots and pans from an oven or stove. Easier to use than oven mitts. Very popular.


  • Universal Gooseneck Smartphone Clamp

    Get a grip on your phone with this Universal Gooseneck Smartphone Clamp. Clamps to any suitable surface for a vibration-free hold on any iPhone, Galaxy, HTC etc. No tools needed for fitting, simple one-handed release. Fully adjustable, very handy…


  • iPhone Spy Lens

    Add another dimension to picture taking with your iPhone, this spy lens turns your phone into a periscope and lets you take pictures from any angle and nobody will know what you are looking at!


  • Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Titillate your tastebuds every morning with this Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, cooks eggs, cheese and many other tasty morsels to start your day in just a few minutes. Quick way to eat breakfast with minimum effort, very…


  • Avocado Slicer

    Avocado lovers will love this Avocado Slicer gadget, this 3-in-1 multi-tool will split, pit and slice these delicacies very quickly and without any danger of cutting your fingers. Very popular and fast food prepping item.


  • Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

    If you want something a bit better looking than your average Bluetooth speaker in your home then how about this one, made from stained pine wood, guaranteed to look smart in any room!


  • Wolf Face Watch

    If you like to be different how about this vicious-looking Wolf face watch, no numbers to spoil the effect but you can see the hands clearly. Best bought on a full moon, awooo!


  • Whatever I’m Late Anyway Watch

    If you’re not bothered too much about the passage of time this novelty, Whatever I’m Late Anyway Watch is just the thing, the numerals are thereabouts so the time is always near enough, and if you’re late, big deal,…


  • Vintage Camera iPhone Case

    Here’s a great novelty iPhone 6 case for photographers who remember the old days nostalgically as they roamed about with their TLR Rollei’s and Mamiyas. This case recreates the look of those famous cameras and looks darn cool!


  • Banana Watch

    This novelty banana watch is great fun, with its striking blue face covered in the bendy yellow fruits!


  • Walnut Macbook Skin

    Turn you Macbook into a thing of natural beauty with this Genuine Walnut wood skin, makes it look much nicer than lump of black plastic and could even match your furniture!


  • Vinyl Speakers Wall Decal

    This striking vinyl Speakers Wall decal will make any plain wall look cool, especially a man cave or music room. Instant decor idea for folks lacking in artistic talent. Cool!


  • Mini DSLR Flash Drive Necklace

    This novelty necklace looks like a miniature DSLR camera, but unlikely most jewelery this necklace is useful as it houses an 8GB Flash drive, very handy for those impromptu media sharing sessions with your friends!


  • Leather Kindle Cover Case

    If you take your Kindle reader out and about you will want to give it some form of extra protection from knocks and scratches, this smart leather Kindle case will do just that and it can be personalized.


  • Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

    It looks like a block of light wood, and it is! But this natural looking lump of timber is a Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with a built-in timer, calendar and temperature gauge, being wood it looks great on a…


  • Whatever Clock

    For the perpetually late person, this novelty Whatever, I’m late anyway clock just gives an idea of the time, as all the numbers are one end! Great gift for bad timekeepers.


  • iPhone 6 Marble Case

    It looks like a lump of marble, but this iPhone 6 Marble Case just mimics the look of the genuine stone, apart from protecting you phone it looks rather funky!


  • Oriental Box MP3 Player and Speaker

    This oriental style box hides the fact it contains an MP3 player and bluetooth speaker that you can be used with Smartphones and other devices and it won’t look out of place in a older style environment where modern…


  • Triangular Speaker Light

    At first glance this light looks like an old fashioned music speaker, that’s because it is! But this Triangular Speaker Light has been reworked and the speaker replaced with modern 40 Watt lamp. The speaker grille has been replaced…


  • Spy Camera Glasses

    These ordinary looking glasses contain a 5MP CMOS camera that records 1080P video in real time. Support for a 32GB TF micro card. Ideal for trainee spys, weirdos and capturing yourself doing stuff, like landing a big fish.


  • Cyalume SnapLights

    These Cyalume Snaplights are the most popular emergency light sticks. At 6 inches long they offer 360 degrees of light for up to 12 hours. They have a guaranteed 5 year shelf life. Chemical light sticks have all sorts…


  • Prismatic Sighting Compass

    Never get lost again with this good, old-fashioned Prismatic Sighting Compass, the old school GPS system that has served mankind for centuries, and is always a good backup in case you drop your expensive GPS device in the river…


  • USB Mini Air Conditioner

    Stay cool while at your computer with this USB Mini Air Conditioner, just add some cold water to the device and switch on. Also works on batteries so you can site it anywhere.


  • iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

    The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit contains enough tools to dismantle, assemble or adjust virtually anything that uses a multitude of small fasterners especially electronic gadgets. These tool kits are apparently used by Government departments and major manufacturers, They are…

  • Horizontal Viewing Glasses

    Reading in bed takes on a whole new meaning with these Horizontal Viewing Glasses, they allow you to read or watch TV while laying flat, very useful for folks who are unable to sit upright.


  • Herb Scissors

    If there is a better way to cut herbs we have never seen it! These super Herb scissors have 5 sharp blades that will cut herbs to tiny pieces instantly, much faster and safer than hacking at them with…


  • Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer

    Transform your vegetables into veggie spaghetti with this aptly-named Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer. This very popular kitchen tool is great for making stir fry dishes, juliennes, zucchini all from veg of course and lots more.


  • Tamiya 1-16 Leopard 2A6 RC Tank

    This Tamiya Leopard 2A6 remote controlled tank is just about the closest you will come to driving the real thing. Twin drive motors and gearbox, suspension system, bearing mounted turret, light and sound effects and traversable gun all add…


  • Car Air Purifier Ionizer

    Neutralize nasty niffs in your vehicle with this 12 volt Car Air Purifier Ionizer. As well as removing microscopic particles by ionizing them, which is far too geeky to explain, which makes it efficient in relieving car sickness, nausea…


  • Camera Hot Shoe Mount

    This Stainless steel hot shoe mount fits all standard DSLR cameras and uses the GoPro mounting system for adding attachments, ideal for action photography.


  • Carrot Sharpener

    We sh*t you not, this giant carrot sharpener will take any pointed vegetable like a cucumber or zucchini and sharpen it just like a pencil, in case you are wondering, instead of writing with it – lol, you use…


  • Kindle DX Screen Protector

    Protect your Kindle reading device from damage and scratches with this Kindle DX Screen Protector. Front and rear protection with tough military-grade impact resistant thermoplastic. Does not yellow over time. Lifetime warranty.


  • Rotating Light Bulb

    Here’s a great low cost way of jazzing up your house parties, this 3W LED rotating light bulb fits into a standard light socket and gives you an instant disco lighting effect, use anywhere there is a socket. Cool!


  • UberChef Peeler

    Yet another super-popular kitchen gizmo, this time the Uberchef peeler. All stainless steel construction makes peeling all types of vegetables a breeze, and in case you want to get arty and julienne your veggies it will do that as…


  • Olive Oil Sprayer

    Another handy gadget for the kitchen, this time an Olive Oil sprayer, that can also be used for other types of oils used in cooking as well as vinegars and fruit juices. This reusable sprayers uses no nasty Ozone-destroying…


  • Locking Gadgets Case

    Keep your electronic devices and other valuables under lock and key with this smart black and chrome locking gadgets case. Aluminum frame with steel reinforcements. Pockets and straps inside to hold items. Exterior dimensions measure 5 1/2 x 8…


  • 64GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card

    Increase the storage capacity of your Playstation with this huge 64GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card. Suitable for storing lots of games, Apps and media.


  • iGo Power Tip

    Cut down on the amount of chargers you need to carry with you with this iGo Power Tip. This one is for Kindle and Sprint phones Automatically configures and regulates voltage and current. Tips must be used with an…


  • Nyan 3DS Cat Cover

    This is the way the Japanese kids protect their Nintendo 3DS LL consoles. A rather funky cat cover with ears! Soft, comfortable cover gives added grip. Available in black or pink for girly gamers.


  • Wallet Light Bulb

    Light up your darkness with this wallet light bulb. This is just about the dinkiest light we have ever seen, about the size of a bank card, it folds up flat and fits in your wallet. Unfold it and…


  • Portable USB Projector

    Use your computer to bring the big screen to your walls, with this 60-inch portable USB projector. Plug in to a PC’s USB drive and project away. Manual focus and elctronic zoom. Bore dozens of people all at once…


  • Glass Iphone Screen Protector

    Protect the screen of your costly iPhone from scratches to keep it like new with this Tempered Glass Screen Guard. Because its made from glass there is no loss of clarity or any of the problems associated you may…


  • Brila Universal Mount

    This popular Brila universal gooseneck windshield mount is a great way to hold Smartphones, GPS navigation systems or other devices in your vehicle while keeping the display screen visible at a quick glance. 360 degree rotation will hold a…


  • RC M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank

    If you ever fancied being a tank commander you can now take command of your very own 1/24th, remote control M1A2 Abrams Battle tank, whose big brothers proved so devastatingly effective in the Gulf War by annihilating the Soviet-made…


  • Zoodle Slicer

    Get arty with your food presentation with the Zoodle slicer, it works a bit like a pencil sharpener and turns firm vegetables and pasta into spiral shapes with a quick turn of the handle. Very popular kitchen gadget, stay…


  • USB Fan Alram Clock

    If you like useful gadgets then this USB Fan Alram Clock will look cool, and keep you cool while you are at your desk. The special blades create an LED clockface so you know when it’s time to knock…


  • Ozobot Kids Robot

    As we march forward into the cyber age any child who doesn’t learn about computing is going to be left behind. The Ozobot is a fun robot for kids that will teach them the fundamentals of computer code and…


  • Amazon TV FireStick

    Next generation gadget for the home, the Amazon Fire TV Stick connects to a TV HDMI port. giving you a simple way to watch over 200,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, and Hulu…


  • Ice Ball Maker

    Balls to you! Ice balls to be exact. this cool mold makes round ice spheres for all your party drinks. Very popular and well-rounded way to serve ice in drinks!


  • Stanley 66-344 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

    Here’s a handy little pocket tool, the Stanley 4 in 1 pocket screwdriver fits in any pocket like a pen ready to undo a range of screw fasteners, because you can bet there’s never a screwdriver around when you…


  • Solar Powerd Led Bricks

    Light the way up your drive or path at night with these solar powered LED bricks, prevent you or your visitors getting lost or falling into the flowerbeds on moonless nights. Great idea, no running costs.


  • Time Lock Container

    When your’re on a diet or just like stuffing your face at anytime, this time lock container will stop you dipping your hand in the cookie jar whenever you feel like it. The timer can be set to lock…


  • Face Drinks Coaster

    These novelty Face coasters will bring a smile to your face, especially when you wear one! Cut-out allows you to attach the coaster to the end of your nose. Daft idea but fun!


  • Vehicle Dashboard Camera

    Protect yourself from being blamed for road accidents that weren’t your fault with this cool windshield mounted video camera. Records color footage of the road and vehicles ahead of your car, and captures essential footage of events. Vehicle cameras…


  • Starburst Single Flavor Pound Bag

    Never run out of your favorite Starburst flavor ever again with this giant one pound single flavor bag of these mouthwatering chewy candies. Great for Staburst junkies!


  • Kids Maybach Style Ride On Car

    Outdo the Jones’s kids with this super, battery powered, ride-on Maybach style car. It’s a single seater but it will run for up to 90 minutes on a charge so more than one a child can have a drive….


  • Panda Rice Mold Set

    Next time you are serving up some food to Oriental guests make them feel at home with these fun Panda rice molds, which with a bit of creativity will make your rice balls look like tiny Pandas! Also included…


  • Steripen Uv Water Purifier

    “Don’t drink the water” is the normal advice given to tourists abroad, well with this Steripen UV water sterilizer you can without catching something nasty and getting Delhi belly or worse. This battery powered device kills over 99.9% of…


  • Heavy Duty Glowsticks

    Having a few of these industrial quality, heavy duty Glowsticks with you when you are in the middle of nowhere on land or sea might just save your bacon should the worst happen and you find yourself in trouble…


  • Double Flip Quadrocopter

    Unlike other identified flying objects, this Double Flip Quadrocopter performs aerobatics namely double and single flips just by pressing a button. In addition this model is fitted with brightly lit LED’s so you can fly it around at night…


  • Beer Making Kit

    Create your own special brew at home with this beer making kit, all the ingredients you need are included to make pints of your very own delicious homebrew. Just add water then wait a while to let the yeast…


  • Sound Activated El Wire Kit

    The El wire kit is a 5 feet length of 2.3mm illuminated wire which when connected to its battery pack becomes responsive to music beats and sound. The wire can be bent into various shapes to form awesome lighting…


  • Car Heated Travel Blanket

    Keep the very young or the elderly warm as toast during car journeys in artic weather conditions. This 12V Heated Travel Blanket plugs into a car lighter socket to keep its occupant nice and cozy.


  • Portable Power Outlet

    Keep your electronic devices working weel after their batteries have gone flat with this portable power pack. Ideal for smartphones, laptop computers and tablets.


  • Chalkboard Table Runner

    This novelty Chalkboard Table Runner opens up all kinds of possibilities for the host or hostess when serving food for guests, just write your own messages to go with the food. Fun item.


  • Stainless Magnetic Knife Holder

    Keep your kitchen knives conveniently to hand and out of reach of toddlers with this wall mounted magnetic knife holder. For steel knives only though, don’t forget Stainless steel itself is non-magnetic!


  • Green Smoke Grenade

    Next time you find yourself at the center of a search and rescue mission you will be glade you took along one of these smoke grenades that emit a giant dense cloud of green smoke for 1.5 minutes that…


  • Electric Ice Cream Maker

    Enjoy home made ice cream anytime with this kitchen ice cream maker gadget. Throw in your favorite ingredients and churn your own delicious ice creams. Nice!


  • Chaos Tower

    This fun Chaos Tower is not only a great toy but will also teach kids all about perpetual motion, CD is included. When all 602 pieces of this kit are assembled it stands 6 feet tall. Place your marble…


  • Smart Baby Monitor

    This Smart baby monitor takes a lot of the stress out of looking after baby and stops you jumping up and down every few minutes to check on him/her. This clever device sends your baby’s body position, any sound…


  • Barbecue Multitool

    Get ready for summer burn-ups on the barbecue with this multi-function barbecue grilling tool. This all-in-one tool takes the place of spatulas,tongs and forks so it saves washing-up as well!


  • Kids Space Mission Sandbox

    This small tabletop sandbox complete with astronauts will keep the little ones amused for hours as they explore the ‘planet surface’ and collect rock samples Comes with large mat to collect any stray ‘space dust’.


  • Ride On Camaro

    Relive your younger years through your kids enjoyment of this 12 volt electrically powered ride-in Chevy Camaro with working lights and radio. In the old days us kids had to pedal, now they can just stick their foot on…


  • Tire Traction Covers

    Don’t get caught out on icy winter roads, this easy-fit covers can be quickly intstalled to give your tires extra grip on icy surfaces.


  • Ocean Wave Light Projector

    This Ocean Wave Light Projector is a great way to relax in a darkened room, the device projects water-like pattens onto any surface while the built-in speaker will let you listen to any music you like.


  • Bartending Kit

    Every possible batenders gizmo is included in this 13 piece kit for the home bar. Made from stainless steel.


  • Childless Couple Car Decal

    Fun, novelty ‘childless couple’ sticker for the car. Passing parents will identify with the fact that the bags of money indicate no offsprings!


  • Cooking Scale and App

    The Smart Scale baking and cooking electronic scale connects to a Smartphone or tablet, and can operate with a free iOS/ Android appto guide you through each recipe Place a bowl on the scale and Perfect Bake lets you…


  • Glitter Removal Cloth

    Be prepared for the dick who sends you a glitter bomb in the mail, or be ready to clean up after the kids with this special glitter removal cloth. The stickyness of the cloth will pick up every last…


  • Digital Tape Measure

    Here’s a great gadget for the home handyman or any tradesman that needs to take lots of measurements accurately. This Digital Tape Measure can be set to measure in US/metric and gives a LCD readout of the length measured….


  • Smartphone Controlled Light Bulbs

    Multicolored lightbulbs that can be controlled from a Smartphone or computer tablet, very cool way to adjust the lighting in any room you have them fitted.


  • Lego Star Wars X Wing

    Lego strikes back! This time with a Star Wars X Wing Fighter. Not your average Lego set, this model contains over 1500 separate pieces that go to make up this well-detailed craft. Looks like another must-have for collectors!


  • Money Stack Bean Bag

    You will feel like a million dollars, or at least a few hundred, lounging on this comfy bean bag that is designed to look like a pile of banknotes.


  • Wingman Shot Glass

    What can we say about this Wingman double shot glass?… It will bring a new meaning to the phrase drinking buddy as you double-team downing the falling down water! Great fun for parties.


  • Breville Boss Superblender

    The Breville Superblender is the mother-of-all kitchen blenders. The huge 1500 Watt motor and rapier-like cutting blades will finely chop anything you throw in it without breaking into a sweat. Pricey, but top-notch blender.


  • Inflatable Hail Protector

    If you spent thousands on a new car why not protect from it from those sometimes giant-size hailstones that leave vehicles looking like they have been attacked by a frenzied panel-beater. This remotely operated inflatable will fit over most…


  • Designer Gun Key

    If you’re a gun nut you may want to pull the trigger on one of these designer gun keys, a cool way to know which key fits your gun locker!


  • Dog Play Tunnel

    Have fun playing with or training your dog ready for Crufts with this pop-up play tunnel, two sizes available for large and small pets. Folds flat for easy storage.


  • Keyport Slide Pro Multitool

    This gadget will not only carry your important keys in a unique sliding compact case, it also has a built-in 8 GB Flash drive, bottle opener and a handy flashlight. Neat way to keep your keys.


  • Rechargeable Heated Insoles

    If you suffer from cold feet then get yourself a pair of these Rechargeable Heated Insoles for your shoes or boots. Three temperature settings will ensure your feet stay as snug as a bug in a rug! These are…


  • 49 Port Usb Hub

    If you have a big family who use a lot of electronic devices, then this Eyeboot 49 port USB hub is just the thing. This monster hub is capable of supplying 0.5 – 1.8A per port without overheating. Comes…


  • Inflatable Sled

    If you cannot ski or snowboard you can still enjoy zooming down a mountain headfirst on this Airboard inflatable sled. Easy to steer as you go hurtling down the piste at nearly 87 mph. Pump and accessories included.


  • Gopro Camera Flexible Clamp Mount

    Another handy gadget, this Gopro mount has a flexible neck that adjusts to almost any angle, and it is mounted by means of a clamp that can be mounted to anything of a suitable thickness.


  • Jack Daniels Chocolate Bar

    This Swiss choccy bar is the ideal chocolate bar for alcoholics with a sweet tooth. Yummy gift.


  • Celestial Globe

    During daylight hours this globe displays the continents of the world like any other globe, as it gets dark in a room an optical sensor automatically activates an illuminated display showing over 80 constellations from the night sky. Cosmic…


  • Carpe Diem Shirt

    Take advantage of the opportunities arising in the day from wearing this tee-shirt! In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, bless you! Non of your lorem ipsum nonsense here!


  • Intergalactic Ice Cream

    This freeze dried Neapolitan Ice cream has boldly gone where no ice cream went before… into outer-space with US astronauts, this tasty treat doesn’t melt either. Interesting way to find out what spacemen eat!


  • Self Defense Tool

    If you happen to get attacked whilst walking around unarmed and all you have is your baseball cap you’ll be glad you fitted it with this self-defense tool, which will deliver a more disabling blow to an assailant than…


  • Exercise Workout Flash Cards

    With all the modern gizmos and apps around nowadays these Exercise Workout Flash Cards may seem a bit old-hat. But these waterproof, take-anywhere cards are a great way to arrange your workout schedules, the images ensure you don’t forget…


  • Moving Eye Cat Clock

    Have fun telling the time with this vintage-looking Cat Clock with moving eyes, the wagging tail acts as a pendulum. Over 15 inches tall and would you believe it’s actually made in the USA! Great fun, very popular timepiece.

  • Green Tea Oreos

    Stuff your face and eat healthily at the same time with these Green Tea Oreo cookies.


  • BQ WitBox 3d Printer

    Introducing the BQ WitBox 777-1000 3D Printer. Design your own 3D thingummys, print them out and then sell your unique designs! Great way to start a profitable business, creating one-off designs for anyone.


  • Explorer Tactical Backpack

    This Explorer Tactical Bag is ideal for all outdoor pursuits. It sports a boatload of pockets, including special sidearm pockets. 20 inches size with a Molle strap system.


  • Liquid Plastic Welder

    Another recent innovation, this time a plastic welding system. It’s not a glue, and it stays liquid until you want it to harden exactly where you need it. Use it on almost any material like plastic, wood, metal and…


  • Car 5 Port USB Charger

    If you carry a lot of devices around with you that need charging, now you can charge them all in your car at the same time with this Satechi 5 port USB Hub, Just insert the 12 volt lighter…


  • Laser Star Projector

    Now you can soend a night under the stars without leaving your house with this laser star projector, which accurately project 100’s of distant galaxies from space right onto your ceilings and walls. Makes a great lighting effect as…


  • Dog Dryer

    Here’s a great idea for dog owners to dry their furry friends after they have had a bath or come in soaking wet from the rain. Small, shorthaired dogs can feel the cold when their coats get wet, pop…


  • Canopy Swing Bed

    Relax in style this summer and have a snooze ouside without getting fried by the sun with this swing bed with canopy cover.


  • Sugar Skull Spoon

    Here’s a great novelty gift idea for anthropologists, archaeologists, forensic scientists, doctors and assorted weirdos! a skull-shaped teaspoon. Stirring stuff!


  • Steampunk Keyboard

    If you are a big fan of nostalgia but hate modern design, then this Steampunk keyboard will take you back in time with it’s olde worlde typewriter-style keys and polished brass look finish.


  • Hydrogen Power Cell

    The answer to the world’s fuel crisis is Hydrogen gas, it’s cheap and easy to make with zero pollution to burn holes in our ozone layer. On a smaller scale this Portable Hydrogen Reactor will give you the equivalent…


  • Smokeless Indoor Grill

    This handy indoor grill is perfect for small kitchens, it fits over the top of a stove burner or ring and lets you grill your favorite foods without filling the place with smoke. Grilliant! (especially with a gottle of…


  • Hammock Shelter

    For those who like the Great Outdoors, but who prefer traveling light, Bear Grylse-style then this hammock shelter is just the thing, and will save you time trying to fashion a nightime shelter from trees with your penknife! Better…


  • Floating Beer Pong Table

    Stay cool in the pool in summer, and have fun at the same time as getting legless with this inflatable Beer Pong game. Pumps up in seconds ready for ponging, or pinging, or WTF it is!


  • Movie Prop Money

    It looks like a real stack of Benjamin’s but this money is not genuine unfortunately! Mainly used as prop for films or amateur dramatics, this stash has been carefully prepared to look very real from a distance.


  • Pogs and Slammers

    If you don’t know what Pogs and Slammers then you come from a different generation! Kids used to go mad for these back in the day and built up large collections. If yours eventually got thrown away you can…


  • Batman Throwing Stars

    Holy Shurikens Batman! If you fancy yourself as the Caped Crusader then you might to see if you can find any fiendish villains to chuck some of these ‘Batstars’ at, so stick a few in your utility belt and…


  • You Are Old Candles

    When there is not enough room on the cake for traditional candles, this novelty candle set just says “You’re Old” and takes out any guesswork!


  • Car Sun Visor

    This handy sun visor will fit any vehicle and installs in seconds to give you instant relief from very bright sun when it is low in the sky early morning or evening, and when shading from fitted sun visors…


  • Darth Vader Color Change Lamp

    Star Wars strikes again with this natty Dart Vader color change lamp. Changes to seven different colors, and the way the lamp is made it creates optical illusion effects. Very cool for DV fans who are afraid of the…


  • Mountable Bike Speaker

    Listen to music wherever you go on your bike with this weatherproof Bluetooth speaker. Up to ten hours of playing time makes cycling more enjoyable than listening to traffic noise!


  • Portable Car Desk

    Rather than taking your work home, leave it in your desk, in the car! This portable car desk has a working surface with storage space underneath for all your office supplies. Straps to the passengers seat, ready for work….


  • Led Trainers

    Be seen easily at night or highlight your fancy footwork at the disco with a pair of these fashionable sneakers. Customize the color for every day of the week as there are seven wrap-around bands. Cool!


  • Naughty Lamp

    Contemport design novelty lamp with a difference… the lamp is operated by the flick of a switch… err… penis. Yes this naughty lamp is just the thing for anyone with a dirty mind.


  • Water Filtration Bottle

    A water source may look clean but you have no idea what is lurking within it. This water filtration bottle will remove close to 100% of impurities making it safe to drink, becuae the last thing you need is…


  • Wireless Video Baby Monitor

    Now you can keep a close watch on the ankle biters without keep going up and down the stairs. This Wireless Video Baby Monitor allows you to hear every gurgle your baby makes and lets him/her hear the sound…


  • Penis Care Kit

    We kid you not! If you like to keep things looking neat and tidy in the wedding tackle department, then this kit will groom your pubes in that area to perfection. Just be careful with the scissors!


  • Barbecue Dining Table

    The Jikaro Firering Table is ideal for folks who don’t like to slum it when having a barbecue, this metal octagonal design table is specially made for outdoor eating, with the grill in the middle, which is optional.  


  • Beat Rhythm Machine

    Create your own beats and rhythms with this Korg Volca 16 track analog sequencer. Play anywhere with the built-in speaker and optional battery power. Memory patches, filters, range of common drum beat sounds. and Midi input, special effects and…


  • Picnic Set

    Have a more civilized picnic naywhere with this self-contained picnic set, complete with insulated compartment to keep food cool and two small tables and fold out seats. Great if you don’t like eating off the floor!


  • Gaems Mobile Gaming Environment

    You can play all your favorite games almost anywhere with the Gaems Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment, it’s compatible with Playstation and Xbox platform games. Storage for controllers and accessories and of course the console, which is NOT supplied with…


  • Candy Sushi Kit

    For those dinner parties with Japanese food on the menu, this novelty candy is created to look like the raw fish delicacy, sushi, but is a sweet candy confection. Ten out of ten tastebuds surveyed said is more preferable…


  • Rebel Crossbow

    If you fancy yourself as William Tell then the Southern Crossbow Rebel 350 Crossbow is just the thing for shooting fruit off a persons head! (Don’t try that will you:) This silent hunting weapon used a compound lever system…


  • Giant STFU Mug

    This novelty mug carries a not-so-subtle message to folks who want to interrupt your quiet drink by talking to you.


  • Radioactive Uranium Ore

    Now you can geek-out with your own tin of Radioactive Uranium Ore! It is of course completely safe, so your hair will not fall out and you will not glow in the dark. This ore is for testing Geiger…


  • Pocket Rescue Tool

    We’re not sure about this tool being able to rescue you if you fall off a cliff or are onboard a sinking vessel, but it has some very handy tools and nic-nacs that fit neatly into a pocket.


  • Remote Energy Management Kit

    This Remote Energy Management Kit from Valta will help you save lots of money on wasted energy around your home. It allows usage monitoring with a Smartphone or Tablet and gives you and easy to understand analysis of your…


  • Spiderman Shift Knob

    For Spidey fans with a vehicle how about this universal fitting Spiderman gear shifter knob. Cool!


  • Mandoline Food Slicer

    Ah so! How about this inscrutable Mandoline food slicer. It has 3 types of blade, for fine medium or coarse cuts. Safety features mean you slice the food and not your fingers, very popular time-saving gadget, much faster than…


  • Dress a Snowman kit

    This Dress a Snowman kit comes with all the pieces needed to make a great looking snowman. Great fun way to keep the kids busy, and comes in a sturdy box so the parts can be packed away for…


  • SuperHero Cookie Cutters

    These Marvel Comics Superhero Cookie Cutters include the Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man shapes, fun cookie cutter set, but we ‘marveled’ at the price!


  • Colorwheel Watch

    This striking Colorwheel watch will brighten up any wrist! Ideal for arty folks with an eye for color. 1.5 inch diameter face, leather strap.


  • Sonic Distractors

    These Spy Gear Sonic Distractors do just that, distract someone’s attention by emitting up to 8 different sounds, it’s really a toy for young kids to play spies with, but likely has a few other uses. Includes a pair…


  • Drink Can Safe

    There is much less chance of burglars making off with your valuables if you have them stashed in this drink can safe, especially when stored with culinary items. With limited time on their hands they will target the obvious…


  • Camera Suction Cup

    This Joby Action Camera Suction Cup along with their patented GorillaPod arm, is just the thing for all types of POV cameras but specifically designed for GoPro, Contour, Sony Action Cam. Standard tripod screw thread mounting. Sticks onto any…


  • 50 Shades Of Chicken Book

    This tongue-in-cheek cookbook, 50 Shades Of Chicken Book is a novel parody of the erotic -Shades of Gray” book. Very popular, and would make a great gift. Available in hardcover or Kindle editions.


  • Boba Fett Quotes Mosaic

    Star Wars fans might appreciate this fine piece of artwork hanging on their walls. This unique borderless picture is created using written quotes from the eponymous Boba Fett. Very clever, and you can quote us on that!


  • Cake Pop Ball Mold

    This handy Cake Pop Ball Mold will shape cakes into balls easily as is much quicker than rolling them by hand. A good way to round off a snack!


  • Crayon Rocks

    A new slant on traditional kids wax crayons,  these are made from non-toxic wax and allow small fingers to color in large areas easily. Long lasting and less likely to break than stick crayons. Supplied in a handy bag….


  • Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

    This is a fun novelty coloring and activity book for adults.  Surprisingly popular book that will keep you amused for hours and cheer you up at the same time.


  • Star Trek Tribbles Customizable Card Game

    Fun customizable Star Trek Card Game themed on Tribbles. For Ages 7 to Adult, 2 to 4 Players. If you can tear the kids away from their gaming consoles they might enjoy a good old-style amusement for a change!


  • Chemistry Shot Glasses

    Chemistry geeks who like a tipple of their favorite hydroxyl functional group are sure to get a ‘kick’ out these plastic chemistry shot glasses! they look just like flasks from the lab.  


  • Gold Foil Playing Cards

    This novel set of playing cards is a big deal! The pack contains 54 Casino-grade plastic cards that are  24 carat Gold foil plated. 100 dollar bill design on the backs. Presented in a Mahogany wood box so would…


  • Hyperkin RetroN 5 Video Game System

    This Hyperkin RetroN 5 Video Gaming console lets you play hundreds of retro games using almost any type of old-style game cartridges, like NES, SNES, Genesis, FAMI, GB, GBA, GBC,  MD, SFC. Now you can play those favorite long-forgotten…


  • Giant Inflatable Water Slide

    If you have a big garden and an equally big wallet you and the kids can have some big fun with this giant inflatable water slide. This commercial grade chute is 20 feet long and almost 4 feet wide…


  • Jello Syringes

    Kids will love ‘injecting’ themselves in the mouth with these Jello-filled syringes. 25 in a pack,  can be re-used many times, great for parties and other events.  No needles fitted to these, obviously, they are just for squirting!


  • Kids Noodle Sword

    Now the kids can shiver their yardarms, splice their timbers, and shout aha Jim lad, while enjoying the cutting and thrusting of a pirate sword fight with these Noodle sword toys. They can stab, hack and slash all boarders…


  • LED Ball String Lights

    Ideal for parties or the festive season this set of LED string lights, contain 40 ball-shaped lights, with each set being 13 feet long. Battery operated, can be used outside when the weather is fine and dry. Two Function…


  • LED Keyboard

    Super-cool Fome multicolor backlit keyboard.  LED backlit keys makes typing in the dark a breeze.


  • Lego Mini Set

    How about this Mini Cooper Lego set, not really for the kids more for Lego and Mini memorabilia folks. Designed by Alec Issigonis and souped-up by John Cooper, the Mini Cooper is the most famous version of this tiny…


  • Beach Safe Bottle

    Keep your valuables safe and away from prying eyes with this Safe Bottle for the beach. It looks like an ordinary bottle of sun tan lotion,  but contains enough space to hold most mobile phones/iPhone, credit cards, keys and…


  • Low Energy LED Pool Lights

    Save energy and make you pool look cool at the same time with these 120V 42 Watt LED replacement lamps. These Multi-color LED In-Ground Pool Lights give you many color variations including: 7 solid colors, multiple color blends and…


  • Swimming Pool Slide

    This Kool Splash inflatable water slide from Intex will keep the kids amused for hours. Built with safety in mind it is fitted with handles and  steps to make climbing to the top easier, and a further landing pad…


  • Lego Simpsons Minifigures

    These detailed Lego Simpsons Minifigures are great for Lego and Simpsons collectors alike, unfortunately you only get one per pack and there are 16 to collect, happy hunting!


  • Light Up Putty

    Kids of 3 or over can have fun with this super-stretchy transluscent putty, stretch, bounce or sculpt it to shape, then use the included light unit to illuminate it. Rubbery!


  • Penball Foosball Erasers

    Slip a couple of these erasers onto your pencils, and when school lessons get too boring, turn them around and have yourself a game of foosball on your desk!


  • Star Trek Cookie Cutters

    If it is your mission to boldy create some unique cookies shapes then these Star Trek Cookie Cutters are just thing especially good for Trekkies. Bake long and prosper!


  • Blastmatch

    The Blastmatch can be used one-handed and rotates for even wear generates 3 times the heat of standard matches Built in carbide striker and spring loaded flint based bar will last up to 4,000 strikes, sparks can be generated…


  • Pistol Alarm Clock

    Novelty pistol alarm clock, ‘fires’ the time onto any surface. Keep it under your pillow and it will buzz and vibrate when it’s time to get up.


  • Jeep Pedal Car

    Kids will love this Jeep pedal car. Welded steel frame construction and swing axle means it’s tough enough for ‘off roading’ on uneven surfaces. Goes forwards and backwards on it’s chunky pneumatic tires.


  • Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

    …and then man discovered fire, but he would have lit it a lot sooner if he had owned the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit with included tinder sticks and flint wheel ignition. Zippos will never die!


  • Man and Sea Book

    Anyone with an interest in the natural beauty of the Barrier Reef will love this book. Published in hardcover in contains of the 300 pages including superb underwater images by the award-winning photographer  and author Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Great book…


  • CIA Manual

    The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception book. In 1953, the fledgling CIA hired professional magician John Mulholland to adapt his techniques of stealth and misdirection to the craft of espionage, fascinating insight into the minds of the…


  • Soap Saver

    This handy soap saver stand is a great idea for keeping handsoap ready for use and to prevent it becoming gooey at the bottom and sticking to the basin, thus making your soap last longer.


  • Assman Plate

    If you want a copy of Cosmo Kramer’s Assman license plate, here it is, standard 12 x 6 aluminum New York plate.


  • Wall Mounted Bottle Bar

    Great accessory for the home bar or man cave. This wall bar will hold six bottles and the optics will dispense the right amount, one shot at a time. Cool.


  • Illuminated Bottle Shelf

    Super-cool way to store the hard stuff in your man cave. This illuminated bottle shelf has enclosed LED lights controlled by a wireless remote that give you almost unlimited color variations and multiple lighting effects.


  • Magnetic Hourglass Timer

    A new slant on the age-old hourglass timer, traditionally filled with sand, this one is magnetic and uses iron filings instead of sand. 100 second timing cycle, available in several colors, fascinating to watch ‘as time goes by’.


  • Scented Duck Tape

    We all know that the incredibly useful Duck tape holds much of the world together, well now you can give your repairs a pleasant odor as well with this. Scented Duck Tape ehich smells a bit like oranges and…


  • Aquaglide Rockit Water Park

    The Aquaglide Rockit is a gigantic floating water err… thingy, Heavy duty UV proof fabric-reinforced PVC with welded seams and grab handles, has the ability to connect to other Aquaglide inflatables. Packs down to a compact 37.5 x 29.6…


  • Werewolves of Millers Hollow Game

    This Werewolves of Millers Hollow is a popular board game for large family gatherings, as it is for 8 to 18 players for players aged around 10 to adult. A good thing about this game is that it has…


  • Starfleet Silicone Ice Cube Tray

    For your next Star Trek party, give your guest some stellar ice cubes in their drinks made with this Starfleet Badge Silicone Ice Cube Tray. Cool!


  • Revolving Card Holder

    This popular 2-deck Revolving Card Holder is great for multiplayer card games like Canasta. Clear plastic contruction makes it easy to see the decks.


  • Tech Upgrades Guide

    This Tech Upgrades Guide includes 75 DIY projects, ideal book for kids to build and learn about cool stuff at a level they can understand, not really for hi-tech geeks.


  • Floating Lighter

    Here’s a handy lighter for the outdoorsman, this floating lighter with an 80mph windproof flame, is completely waterproof too and will not sink like a brick to the bottom if you drop it in water, great for fisherman who…


  • Fire Starter with Emergency Whistle

    Immensely popular this gadget, it a Swedish army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter with Emergency Whistle to attract attention in times of emergency. Designed to light fires in any conditions, in any weather, at any altitude. Its bright sparks could…


  • Printed Money Napkins

    Make it look like you spent $1000 on table napkins with ten of these novelty 100 dollar bill napkins. Ideal for dinner parties in the finance industry!


  • Pool Ball Shot Glasses

    Here’s a rather nifty set of nine shot glasses that each come with a numbered pool ball stand and a tray to sit them in. Serve you friends a trick shot! Cool idea for the games room.


  • PacMan Cookie Cutters

    Retro gaming fans will recall many happy carefree hours in the arcade as they stuff their faces with Pacman cookies, created with this Pacman cookie cutter set, four cutters consisting of one Pacman and 3 ghosts. See how many…


  • Star Trek Next Generation Phaser Gun

    If you collect Star Trek memorabilia, then you will need to set your wallet on ‘buy’ for this Star Trek Next Generation Phaser Gun model, which actually looks more like small cordless hand vac than a weapon!


  • Phantom Keystroker V2

    You can get more than $15 worth of fun from this novelty Phantom Keystroker, all you need for a source of much merriment is a chosen ‘victim’ with a computer. Plug the Phantom into one of their USB ports…


  • Selfie Album

    Nobody wants to look at your boring family photo album with lots of folks in it they have never met, so keep all your fun selfies separate in this album to show people instead.


  • Pinata Cake Pan

    Create your own custom cakes with this Pinata cake pan, the aluminum pan bakes evenly, and the special inserts gives the cake a hollow center that can be filled with anything you like. Great for kids parties!


  • Pet Bow Tie

    Posh-up your pooch for a special occasion with this pet bow tie. Attaches to any dog collar, double-sided, spots on one side and black on the other. One size.


  • Self Balancing Unicycle

    If you thought unicycles were only for the circus, think again the SBU V3 Self Balancing Unicycle, will take you up to 10 miles on a single charge, and all the onboard gyros and technical wizardry means you won’t…


  • Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew

    Never struggle again to pull bottle corks with this handy gadget,  the Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew. Opens more than 30 bottles per charge, pulls regular and plastic corks out at the press of a button. Built-in foil cutter…


  • Quirky Plug Power Adapter

    If you have an awkward plug that will not fit snugly in your mains outlet extension, then the Quirky PPLGP-WH01 Plug Power could be the answer, it’s a single rotating pass-through power adaptor that locks into position for outlets…


  • Polaroid Z2300 Instant Print Camera

    With the coming of the digital age, one may have expected instant picture cameras to be consigned to history, not so, the Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera is still very popular and better than ever. It has a…


  • Pinch F-off Shirt

    Most people will not quite understand the seemingly random letters on this Tee-shirt, which indeed do not make any sense. Only when the shirt is pulled or ‘pinched’ together in a certain way does the message become clear. basically…


  • Tactical Backpack

    For fans of outdoor pursuits like trekking and hiking this khaki backpack has lots of storage pockets and is not too big so is ideal for ladies as well as men. Made from soft Oxford nylon, it has adjustable…


  • Star Trek Door Chime

    This Star Trek Electronic Door Chime is styled from communicator panels from the first series. The chime will sound when motion is detected withing its threshold. Cool for Start Trek fans.


  • Teddy Bear Lamp

    This Low voltage Teddy Bear lamp makes an ideal nightlight for youngsters rooms, it’s illuminated by LED’s that give an output of around 11 W, somehow we think this bear may be a turkey at this price.


  • The Simpsons Family History Book

    If you are a huge fan or want to become an expert on the Simpson family then you need the Simpson Family History book to give you the who’s who of characters from this popular series.  


  • Aquabot Robot Fish

    This fun Aquabot Robot Fish from Hexbug comes with its own fishbowl, and swims around in just like a real fish but with no need to feed him or clean the bowl. Uses 2 button cells for power. Very…


  • Lego Star Wars AT-AT

    Kids and Lego/Star Wars collectors will love this Lego Star Wars AT-AT. Includes 5 mini figures and assorted weaponry. Measures over 12 inches high and about the same in length. Cool!  


  • USB Desktop Aquarium

    If you have no room for large fish tank in your home or office then this Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium is just the thing for a few robust tiddlers! Holds 3 pints of water and includes an adjustable overhead…


  • Black Toilet Tissue

    Pimp up your John and make it look posh with this Black toilet paper, super-soft 3-ply paper, 6 rolls per pack. Wipe out Klingons in style!


  • Bloodbath Shower Gel

    Add a touch of the macabre to your bathroom with this Bloodbath Shower Gel. This novelty blood transfusion bag contains 400 ml of cherry-scented gel. Get two bags then you can have a gruesome twosome!


  • Penguin Paper Clips

    Paperclips don’t have to be boring office objects, pimp up your paperwork with these fun Midori Penguin D-clip paperclips. When you have a minute you can play with them!


  • Microplane Grater

    If you do lots of grating and zesting in your kitchen then get yourself a Microplane Grater, these hugely popular kitchen gadgets are superior to any other type of grater, over 8 inches long with stainless steel blades. They…


  • Aquapod Bottle Launcher

    There’s hours of fun to be had with the Aquapod Bottle Launcher, just stick on any 2-liter plastic drinks bottle, pump it up through the valve with air using a bike pump or similar, then standby to launch… up…


  • Lumistick Bracelets

    Stand out ferom the crowd in the dark with these fun Lumistick Bracelets. Pack contains  a hundred 10-inch glow-in-the-dark  Bracelets in 7 assorted colors. They retain their bright glow for up to 12 hours.


  • Slimer Headpiece

    For your next fancy dress party, save time and effort, just stick this Ghostbusters Slimer over your head and go as you are! Official Ghostbuster merchandise not a cheap copy.


  • Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter

    Do you have a match? No but I have a Gerber 31-000699 Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter which is even better in an emergency. Comes with an emergency whistle, formed into the lanyard, has a watertight storage compartment…


  • Existential Coloring Book

    The Existential Coloring Book is a 24 page coloring and activity book for adults who (a) like stuff that’s weird and (b) may have been smoking something funny and want to do some coloring!


  • Star Trek Federation Logo

    Very popular Star Trek Federation Logo window sticker. This vinyl decal will stick to any glass surface. Resistant to UV fading, So it should ‘live’ quite long. Trekkies should boldly stick one in their vehicle before their next voyage!

  • Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

    What Mr Spock might put on when he’s baking, this Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt is shaped liked the Vulcan hand greeting and will prevent any visits to Dr. McCoy. Live long and avoid burning your hands!


  • Star Trek Cookbook

    Rustle some intergalctic recipes with this Star Trek cookbook, available in paperback or Kindle. Find out what Kirk and Spock have for dinner. Follow the cooking times to avoid Klingons in the pan!


  • Star Trek Mug

    If Capatin Kirk drank coffee he might have had it served in this ceramic Star Trek USS Enterprise mug. Quality graphic of the ship. Great collectible for fans of the series.


  • Star Trek Uniform Socks

    If anyone you know is a Star Trek fan and you are stuck for a gift idea, then boldly buy them a pack of these Star Trek Uniform Socks which are sure to be a hit. Made from cotton,…


  • Magnetic Transforming Pen

    If you get bored in class then take out your Magnetic Transforming Pen and have a play with it, if any asks, you can say you are not playing but ‘studying the effects of magnetism’!


  • Star Trek Tribble Slippers

    Die-hard fans of the early Star Trek series may remember the episode featuring Tribbles (those cheap furry and friendly props that multiplied like rabbits!) well fans can have a pair of their own Tribble slippers, with battery powered Tribble…


  • Survival Matches

    If you have ever tried lighting a fire with damp matches in the wind you know it’s a futile task, so for your next trip take a pack of these Wind & Waterproof Survival Matches for a perfect light…


  • When the Cat’s Away Cookie Cutters

    When the Cat’s Away Cookie Cutters are a fun way to shape your next batch of cookies. Set includes 5 different cat shapes and one mouse for them to chase! Challenge yourself to make, black, tabbie and tortoishell-colored cookies!


  • R2D2 Silicone Mold

    R2D2 is back, this time as a silicon mold suitable for creating a range of R2-shaped stuff, you can use it for ice, chocolate, jello, icing etc. Cool mold, be-de-beep!


  • Robot USB Hub

    How about this fun Robot USB hub, looks great on a desk and the eyes light up when connected to a PC. Includes 4x USB 2.0 ports, movable arms and rubbery wheels that won’t scratch. Neat size 2 1/4…


  • Sea Turtle Cookie Cutter

    This Sea Turtle Cookie Cutter is ideal for creating cookies for marine biologists! or kids, or anyone really it’s just a fun shape.


  • Spiderman Figure

    For kids and collectors of all things Spidey! another 12 inch Spideman figure from the Marvel Titan Hero series. You can find lots of these on the web!


  • Wetfire Tinder

    Another handy item for survivalists and outdoor folk, this is Wetfire Tinder and it will actually burn to start a fire even when damp or wet, so if you stuck in the middle of nowhere, both you and the…


  • Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman Dolls

    Charming pair of fairytale dolls for the kids, some dude came up with the idea that Cinderella had a daughter, and you can bet your life she would not have been called Ashlynn Ella! but anyway, she fell in…


  • Survival Kit Can Opener

    You will always survive if you have some canned food, but die of starvation if you cannot open the tin! This famous P-51 military issue can opener will save your life in an emergency. Super-cheap gadget to have. Pack…


  • Star Trek Travel Cups

    When you are boldly going out in the car with the kids to discover strange new worlds, they will likely want to refuel on the way with a drink, these Star Trek 18 oz design twin-wall acrylic Travel Cups…


  • Stormproof Lighter

    Have you got a match? – No but I have a lighter, it’s a Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter which stays lit in 80 mph winds. Piezo-electric ignition for long life. Stainless steel closure and seal makes it as watertight…


  • 100 Hour Plus Emergency Candle

    Anyone who lives in places subject to extreme weather may one day be glad of one or two of these 100 Hour Plus Emergency Candles. They are both smokeless and odorless and will give you light for more than…


  • USS Enterprise and Shuttle Shakers

    Scotty to Kirk: “I hav’na got the condiments Captain!” No problem Mr Scott, we have just beamed aboard these USS Enterprise and Shuttle salt and pepper shakers from Westland Giftware, so you can can give it all they’ve got…


  • Dalek USB Desk Protector

    Make sure nobody snoop at your desk when you are away with this Dalek Desk Protector, just plug it in to a USB port and when the onboard motion sensor detects movement, the intruder is exterminated! Haha we wish,…


  • Macbook Pro Feet

    These handy feet fit to your MacBook or MacBook Pro and tilt it toward you making typing that much easier than when laid flat. We have to hand it to the designer souls who made these feet, it’s a…


  • Collapsible Bucket

    There’s a multitude of uses for this Collapsible Bucket either around the home or on trips camping, fishing etc. The silicon bucket hold 2 gallons max, but the height can be varied for carrying less. The best thing is…


  • Beer Can Barbecue Set

    This Steven Raichlen Barbecue Beer-Can Chicken Rack with Drip Pan is just the thing for bbq’ing chickens. This cleaver rack makes the process easier and almost idiot-proof. The bird won’t tip and beer won’t spill. Metal holder adapts to…


  • North America Cutting Board

    Here’s a great gift idea for the patriotic cook, a map of America cutting board. Made from Bamboo it’s almost to good to use to cut things on, but could be used as a cheese board,tray or even hung…


  • Monopoly Dr. Who 50th Anniversary

    This 50th Anniversary Dr. Who Monopoly set is sure to appeal to appeal to Doctor Who fans and Monopoly set collectors alike. First screened in 1963 this BBC series is the longest running Sci-fi series in the world. Presents…


  • Adjustable Dumbbell

    The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell is just the thing for keep-fit and muscle building and toning. Adjust the weight from 10 pounds up to 90 pounds in 5-pound steps with the twist of a dial. Comes with a…


  • Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet for iPad

    Turn you iPad into a retro gaming machine with this iCade Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet for iPad. The device gives you full-size controls to blast the baddies or whatever from the screen. Shipped with a free Atari Greatest hits app….


  • Disappearing Tardis Mug

    This is just about the coolest mug ever, and fans of Doctor Who will love it, Just pour in some hot tea or coffee into the Disappearing Tardis Mug and watch as it disappears into space! It will then…


  • Sleepypod Small Pet Carrier

    Let your pet travel in style with the Sleepypod pet carrier. Ideal for cats and small dogs up to 18lbs. Measures approximately 22 x 11 inches. Comes with padded shoulder strap and washable plush bedding. Top and ends open…


  • Breda M37 8mm Paintball Machine Gun

    If you want to win at Paintball, don’t mess around with piddly-ass popguns, do a proper job in covering the enemy with paint with this bad-ass Breda M37 8mm Paintball Machine Gun. Leave the tripod behind and fire it…


  • Cosmic Pinball Money Maze

    The Pinball Money Maze is a kind of fun way to give gifts of money, gift certificates or gift cards rather than just sticking it in an envelope. This toy has a ball launcher and flippers and can be…


  • Money Maze Bank

    It is easy to make a deposit, but just a bit harder to make a withdrawal. This challenging acrylic box is a great way to give gifts such as money, gift cards, rings, watches and small jewelry to friends,…


  • Mobile Theatre Video Glasses

    If you do a lot of long traveling keep yourself amused with a pair of these Mobile Theatre Video Glasses. They work off a rechargeable battery which has up to 5 hours of playing time. Built-in speakers and 4GB…


  • Minecraft Core Enderman Action Figure

    If you are a big Minecraft fan how can you possibly resist this Minecraft Core Enderman Action Figure, complete with mushroom and grass block accessories.


  • Orbiter Electronic Listening Device

    Here’s a great gadget if you are paranoid that people are talking about you behind your back, with this Orbiter Electronic Listening Device you can find out if they actually are, even when you are 300 feet away! May…


  • Thor Lightning Strike Hammer Toy

    Young kids will love playing at being Thor with one of these toy Thor Hammers with motion activated lightning bolts and thunder sound effects. We ‘thort’ they might like this!


  • Cane Flask

    For folks who walk with a stick and like a quick dram for for medicinal purposes when they are out and about this ‘Brandy smuggler’ walking cane is just the ticket, holds glass phials of a favorite drink inside…


  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Book

    If you love chocolate chip cookies, then this recipe book will give dozens of variations on the yummy classic recipe, hardback or Kindle, a must for cookie lovers.


  • Floating Love Seat

    For romantic types how about this floating love seat for the pool when summer comes around. It’s a beanbag so you can use on dry land too.


  • Cordless Lawn Mower

    Cutting the lawn is a real chore with an electric mower because you have to keep moving the cable, but not if you have one of these, the GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force G-MAX Cordless Lawn Mower. It comes with…


  • Swimming Pool Table

    When it’s hot you can relax in the pool with family or friends with this 4 person floating swimming pool table, supports up to 880 lbs in weight. Backrests and straddle seating. Large table top with drinks cooler underneath….


  • Dinosaur Baking Mold

    Fun silicone Dinosaur Baking Mold, heat resistant up to 230 degrees, great for kids party cakes, can also be used to mold candles!


  • DICE+ Bluetooth Gaming Dice for Tablets

    DICE+ lets you play any game which use dice on your iPad or tablet. Just connect via Bluetooth and away you go! No more counting, moving game pieces or pressing boring random number generators. Snakes and Ladders will never…


  • The Prescription Coffee Mug

    Great novelty gift idea for America’s favorite beverage, The Prescription Coffee Mug has an inscription like it was written by a doctor, it says “Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert” Very fitting for some folks…


  • Ninja Turtles Pop Up Board Game

    It’s no good the darn Teenage Ninja Turtles just won’t go away, here they are again with a pop-up board game for up to 4 players. Cowabunga… and up your kilt!


  • Glow In The Dark Pool Balls

    If you like playing pool with the lights off then you need your balls to glow in the dark, well this set of balls do although we haven’t quite grasped the concept of night pool!


  • Darth Vader Kids Chair

    You won’t have to force the kids to sit in this Darth Vader armchair, it’s a bit on the dark side (i.e. it’s black) but they will love it. Nicely made from faux leather with Darthy-boy embroidered on the…


  • Toxic Laundry Basket

    If anyone in your house has got smelly feet and socks to match, it might be an idea to get one of these novelty Toxic Laundry Baskets to put them in as it has a warning sign on it!…


  • Model Catapult Kit

    If your into making models, you may as well build yourself a catapult! This model was is a copy of the original design by super-egghead Leonardo da Vinci. All the pieces are cut readu for gluing and assembly. When…


  • Get The Hint Tags

    Set of rude post-it tags that give it to them straight! Make sure you are clearly understood with no ambiguity! 5 assorted tag titles including “f**k this”, “f**k that”, “this is f**king urgent”, “don’t f**k this up”, and “f**k…


  • Flint Laces

    Imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere, you have lost all your equipment and all you have on is your boots! First job make a fire to keep warm… bummer, no matches, never mind take these flint laces…


  • Death Star Owners Manual

    Just in case you ever buy a secondhand Death Star and like to do your maintenance, this hardcover manual of the Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station will come in handy, for finding out where stuff is! Looks like another…


  • Glass Chess Set

    This contempory glass chess set makes a good room ornament when not in use, and it’s ideal for the occasional game of chess. Board measures just 9.5 inches square, pieces are both clear and frosted glass, so you can…


  • Perplexus Epic Puzzle

    This Perplexus Epic Puzzle will do your head in, and keep the kids quiet for a while! Twist and turn the plastic ball in all directions to solve this puzzling puzzle. No pieces to lose, great for traveling. Extremely…


  • Fantasy Blade Display

    If you are into weird and wonderful stuff this Death Stalker Fantasy Knife Display piece should float your boat! Over 14 inches in length. Black Stainless Steel on the claws and sides. Rubber-coated handle and metal forearm plate Wooden…


  • Star Trek 6 oz Flask

    This Star Trek 6 oz Stainless Steel Flask makes an ideal gift for fans of the series who like a tipple. The flask is embossed with the Federation logo, and features a latch and screw-on lid. Supplied in a…


  • Travel Garment Steamer

    This Conair Travel Garment Steamer is ideal for use at home or abroad, 450 Watt dual voltage Steams for around ten minutes at almost any angles. Freshens up bed linen too by killing dust mites. Very popular item.


  • Bad-ass Driving Sticker

    If you are a bad driver with an attitude problem then this How’s My Driving sticker is made for you, the telephone number sums things up nicely!


  • The Jedi Doth Return Book

    If you didn’t know they had been away, then you may be interested to read about their adventures as may have been told by the Bard, William Shakespear himself. (Written by Ian Doescher) Gadzooks! ’tis a popular read with…


  • Star Trek Glasses Set

    Strictly for fans and collectors we would imagine, this 4 piece, 16 0z, Star Trek Glasses Set, contains images of Kirk,Spock,Scotty and McCoy on two sides of the glass, with a line they may have spoken in the series.


  • Fisher Astronaut Space Pen

    For the ultimate in ballpoint pens…the Fisher Astronaut Space Pen. Throw your other pens away, you’ll never need another. Developed for, and tested by NASA for their astronauts. from 1968 on. Writes at any angle, including at Zero Gravity….


  • GorillaPod Wheels

    If you are into photography and already own one of those brilliant Gorillapod flexible tripods, this set of GorillaPod Wheels will make it even more versatile. Fitted to the tripod feet, they allow you to take smooth tracking or…


  • M1X DJ Sound System

    Philips DS8900/37 M1X-DJ Sound System Docking Station Create and mix like a DJ, play from any device & share tunes with this Philips DS8900/37 M1X-DJ Sound System Docking Station The M1X comes uses Bluetooth streaming, wOOx technology for distortion-free…


  • Griffin Waterproof iPhone 5 Case

    If you accidentely drop your iPhone in the water, there’s no need to worry if you have it protected with this Griffin Waterproof iPhone 5 case, with its IP 68 rating it will protect your phone from water damage…


  • Koyosegi Puzzle Box

    Another popular puzzle is this Koyosegi Puzzle Box, it takes 7 steps to solve the mystery and open the box!, makes a fun money box. Many different types of box available. See if you’re inscrutable enough to solve it!


  • Goatee Beard Template

    Fot the fashion-conscious man about town who likes to look his best, this daft-sounding goatee beard template is actually a very clever idea. Firstly it lets you create and then maintains a perfectly shaped goatee, and it saves you…


  • Desk Holster

    You cannot be too careful these days, so some punk feeling lucky is going to be unlucky trying to rob you when you whip out your .38 from under the desk, held in place by this Wolverine Desk Holster….


  • Fetch Dog Harness and Dog Cam

    This Fetch Dog Harness by GoPro may be great fun for some dog owners, it allows them to record the world from your dogs perspective so when it disappears in the undergrowth you can see why and where it…


  • Star Trek Ceramic Travel Mug

    This Star Trek Ceramic Travel Mug with the Starfleet logo makes a great gift for Trekkie fans to boldly put in their display cabinets!, or even to drink out of! Transported to you gift boxed!


  • Disposable Hair Traps

    If you don’t like poking around plug holes trying to remove hair from waste outlets, then get yourself a pack of these disposable hair traps. Peel them off the backing an place over the outlet. Ideal for showers, tubs…


  • Floating Pool Lounger

    Relax in the water with the Wow Sports High Backrest floating lounger. flip up foot rest and 2 zippered storage compartments and cup holders. Be cool in the pool this summer!


  • Spock Wine Stopper

    If you are a Star Trek fan who drinks wine it’s illogical not to have this Spock Wine bottle stopper. It’s emblazoned with the Vulcan catchphrase ‘Live long and prosper’. Corking novelty item!


  • Hearts Mirror

    For the romantically inclined, how about this girly Hearts Mirror. Made from heart-shaped, shatterproof acrylic, with 3 baby mirrors for effect. Looks big from the picture, but this face mirror measures 5 x 4 inches. Love’s young dream…


  • Mushroom Night Light

    This mushroom shape nightlight from Uncle Milton is ideal for kids bedrooms, it projects colored butterflies and flower images onto nearby surfaces, and has 8 different patterns. Automatic shut-off. You may not have ‘mushroom’ but you will find a…


  • Minions Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed

    The kids will love this fun Despicable Me, Minions Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed, when it’s not used as a bed it’s a comfy sofa, and when you have a housefull it converts to a double size bed, ideal for…


  • Spock Plastic Ears

    If you’re going to a fancy dress party as Star Trek’s Mr.Spock (or you are just weird and want to wear plastic ears) these novelty Vulcan ears will complete your costume.


  • Tully’s Coffee

    There’s nothing like a room with a brew! If you like good coffee, then this French Dark Roast blend from Tully’s will put hairs on you chest! err… no it won’t do that, but it tastes great and there…


  • Ice Tube Clock Kit

    If you like tinkering with electronics you may to assemble this Ice Tube Clock Kit. Cool glowing blue tube with 8 digits, PM dot and alarm on/off, day/date indicator.Adjustable brightness and alarm volume adjust. Quartz crystal ensures accurate time…


  • Lego Block USB Drive

    If you’re a big Lego fan you will like this 4GB Lego Block USB Drive, available in different colors, for any PC or Mac.


  • Superbitus Money Box

    Novelty Superbitus Bomb Money Box, great way to save your loose change for a rainy day. Great gift for bomber pilots or those in the ordnance corps.


  • Spock Cookie Jar

    It’s logical when you think about it, if you eat eat cookies and like Star Trek you will want to keep them fresh in this ceramic Spock Cookie Jar. This Mr. Spock measures 13 x 12 x 8 and…


  • USB Voltage Current Multimeter

    If you have ever wondered exactly what the performance of your charging devices actually are then you want this PortaPow USB Voltage/Current Multimeter. Displays voltage (up to 50V), current (up to 500 mA), and power (mAh/mWh) in real time…


  • Sports Support Gloves

    If you do sports like indoor gymnastics or weightlifting, then you need to protect your hands and wrists. These crossfit gloves from Wodies do just that with a palm protector and wrist straps. Popular item.


  • Gropener Bottle Opener

    If you are a bad-ass dude who can open bottle caps with your teeth or thumbs, or you only have the use of one hand, then you might want to check out the Gropener Opener! This cool gadget allows…


  • iPad Foosball

    Turn your iPad 1/2/3 into a miniature soccer game with this gadget. Realistic foosball action with game and crowd sounds. One, two, three or four person play. Selectable team colors 3D instant replay of every goal scored. iPad powered….


  • The Ninja Turtles History Book

    If you are a big fan or collector of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia, then this hardcover Turtles Ultimate Visual History book by Andrew Farago is for you. Know all there is to know about this money-spinning phenomena that…


  • Star Trek Water Bottle

    Star Trek 24 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle allows you to carry water to far-off galaxies in case you get thirsty boldly going on your mission. Ideal for fans and collectors.


  • Spock Life Size Cardboard Standup

    How about this Spock Life Size Cardboard Standup to boldy stand in any logical location in your house. High quality graphics should live a long time if you keep it away from sunlight!


  • Kirk and Spock Salt and Pepper Shaker

    A cruet set for Trekkies! These novelty Captain Kirk and Mr Spock salt and pepper shakers cool for beaming down condiments onto your food!


  • USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

    Now you can boldly remove the caps from your beer bottles without fear of a cling-on! This 5 inch long USS Enterprise Bottle Opener looks so cool, Trekkies will love to beam one into their kitchen drawer! Uhuru, prepare…


  • Orange Chef Prep Pad

    Healthy food preparation enters the 21st century with this Orange Food Prep pad.You can customize Prep Pad by setting your protein to carb to fat ratio goal. Access a food library of more than 300,000 items with the ability…


  • Ollie Android Robot

    If you’re into robotics, then meet Ollie, a robot controlled and programmed by Android or iOS phones, reaches speeds of up to 14 mph.


  • Nutella Recipe Book

    If you like Nutella spread, then you might like try it out as a cooking ingredient. This Nutella Recipe Book gives you 30 of the best ways to add this yummy spread to your food.


  • Three Color Lighter

    “Do you have a match?” “No, but I have a lighter” If you need to light stuff, why not do it in style like Mr. Bond with this three colored flame lighter with color adjuster, made from alloy and…


  • Kitty Cot Cat Perch

    If you own a cat, he will love this Kitty Cot Cat Perch (but don’t blame us if it doesn’t!). The platform sticks onto any window glass using very large suction cups so your moggie can get a great…


  • Boba Fett Neon Lamp

    For all die-hard Star Wars collectors, this Boba Fett Neon Lamp Measures 11.5 inches tall, and can be mounted on the wall or stood on a flat surface with the base provided. They won’t sell many at this price,…


  • Fome Backlit Keyboard

    Pimp up your computer with this Fome Backlit keyboard. Ultra-thin design in white, with US qwerty key layout. 7 color gradient. Works with Windows or Mac OSX cool!


  • Backroadz Truck Tent

    If you own a pickup truck and like camping out, why not combine the two with this Backroadz Truck Tent. Fits most standard pickups, Sewn-in poly floor and ripstop nylon body Fiberglass poles with shock cords. Fixed windows and…


  • Kenu Smartphone Mount

    The Kenu Airframe Smartphone Mount for cars will securely hold any smartphone up to 5 inches in width, uses a special rotating clip that fastens the mount onto any air vent, whether they are horizontal, vertical, or at an…


  • 4 gTar Guitar

    How about this for a cool guitar? the 4gTar guitar is great for either learning to play or learning to play new songs if you can do so already. An iPhone 4/4s will dock directly in, or with a…


  • Kids LED Pendant

    Cool blue heart light-up LED Pendant necklace, makes an ideal gift for young girls


  • Nike Fuelband

    If you want to get and stay fit then the Nike Fuelband may help you get there, or stay they if you are already! The Fuelband is a personal activity monitor which slips on your wrist to measures the…


  • MT21 Cycle Tool Kit

    This handy MT21 Tool Kit for cyclists contains over 21 handy tools, that are sure to come in err… handy! The tools fit neatly together in the bespoke leather case. Set contains 7 Allen keys, 3 screwdrivers, 3 torx…


  • iPin iPhone Laser Pointer

    Need to do a presentation on a board or screen and forgot your pointing stick? No sweat if you have the iPin laser pointer for iPhones. Screw this tiny device into the earphone socket and with the aid of…


  • Limefuel L150XR Battery Pack

    If you need a rugged 15,000 mAh portable USB battery charger for your mobile phone then this Limefuel L150XR portable power bank should do nicely. Twin 2.4 Amp ports for charging 2 devices at the same time. Measures 5.5…


  • Necronomicon Ipad Cover

    If H.P. Lovecraft was alive to today and owned an iPad it’s highly likely he would this Necronomicon Ipad Cover to protect ot from everyday wear and tear. Styled like a grimoire to hide the magic within! Costly but…


  • Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard

    Is you computer keyboard worn and manky with finger poo? If so treat yourself to a new one like this Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard. Super-thin only one third (1/3) of an inch and it’s solar powered wireless. Works with…


  • Bacon Soap

    Here’s a great novelty item for any pig farmers you know! Bacon soap, it looks like a premium cut of bacon, but it’s not edible, it’s just great soap to wash with.


  • Adjustable Sports Umbrella

    Keep the sun off when out and about with this Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella. it has a 4-way swivel and a universal clamp for fixing to many to many surfaces. Folds down for easy transport. Simple to adjust, with…


  • Chameleon Goggles

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have eyes like a Chameleon? Well now you can find out with these fun Chameleon Vision goggles, see the world as the planet’s coolest reptile sees it. Rotate the…


  • Gandalf Car Sticker

    You Shall Not Pass! Lord of the Rings Gandalf vinyl car sticker, long-lasting vinyl, and believe it or not it’s actually made in America! Ideal for car drivers who don’t like to be overtaken!


  • Lie Detector Game

    Tell a lie and this device will electrocute you and fry your brains!! Ha ha only kidding, it’s battery operated so there’s no danger to life, suitable for ages 14 and up, and a fun way for parents to…


  • Ciate Caviar Makeup kit

    Hey girls (and boys?) if you like to be different how about this Ciate Manicure and makeup kit, the bibbly-bobbly bits make it look like multi-colored caviar. It could be highly fashionable somewhere in the world!


  • Do Cool Sh*t Book

    “Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever” so says the author of this fun book, but if you have the get-up-and-go to make it happen there is no reason why you cannot. Hardback.


  • Plush Pet Bed Chair

    Stop your dog or cat hogging your seat, by getting them their very own Plush Pet Bed Chair. Storage for toys and other doggie/moggie items. The cushion cover is easily removed for washing. Keeps your pet out of drafts…


  • Floating Fishing Seat

    Fishermen will use anything to try and get an edge and the Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube may be something to try. The float tube can be carried as a pack and sports adjustable shoulder straps. The hull is…


  • Neptune Mp3 Player

    If you like to listen to music wherever you are, with this Neptune Mp3 Player you can even listen to it underwater! No need to worry about sticking speaker buds in your ears, the Neptune uses Bone Conduction audio…


  • Ferrari Dog Bed

    For the pampered pooch who has everything except a Ferrari, well he can now have one of those too with this Furarri Dog Bed. Ideal for small dogs (and cats) measures 30 x 18 sleeping space measures a snug…


  • Aerial Yoga Hammock

    If you are into contorting your body into unnatural positions, pulling your muscles, and slipping your discs, more commonly known as Yoga… you might like to take your skill up a notch with this Aerial Yoga Hammock, it’s really…


  • Aquarium Table

    This 15 gallon Aquarium Table makes a great addition to any room, ideal if you are short on space and want to keep fish. Filters are out of site in the base, blue glass gravel and lamp included. 3/8-inch…


  • Retro Arcade Video Game Machine

    Remember those days of trying to beat those Space Invader S.O.B.’s and spending all your money getting good so you could clear the screen every time without getting wiped out, and thus become a hero and cool guys among…


  • Illuminated Globe

    It’s always handy to have a globe around for a quick look at where somewhere is, especially as a geography learning aid for youngsters. This illuminated globe has a sturdy base and can be used as nightlight for kids…


  • iPhone 5 Waterproof Case

    Keep your mobile wee protected from the elements with this iContact Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5/5S models. Allows access to key functions. Front and rear Sharpvue lenses lets you take quality photos and videos directly through the case….


  • Air Hockey Table

    Now you can play air hockey in your own home with this Valley-Dynamo Hot Flash 2 Air Hockey Table. The playing surface is 93 inchews x 45 inches and the whole thing weighs 430 pounds, so it’s not going…


  • Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks

    If you’re in a band and play the drums at live gigs, look really cool and put on your own light show with these Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks, the bright blue lights in the stcks are triggered when you hit…


  • Multi-Tool iPhone 5 Case

    The TaskOne G3 Pro is a Multi-tool Utility Case for iPhone 5/5S, it sports 22 Tools manufactured from 440C hardened stainless steel, adds only 6 mm to the thickness of the phone, easy access to all normal phone functions.


  • Invisible Ink Marking Pen

    Security mark your property with this invisible ink pen, or write secret messages that will only show up under a UV light source, UV flashlght supplied with marker pen. Use the pen on lots of different surfaces including glass,…


  • R2-D9 USB Car Charger

    The (Lucas) Empire stikes again! This time with an R2-D9 robot two-port USB charger for the car. The two 2.1 Amp ports are compatible with anything that charges via USB and will cheage two devices at full power at…


  • Graphics Monitor with Digital Pen

    Super-cool Wacom CINTIQ 22HD Graphics Display Monitor with Digital Pen for graphic artists, illustrators and other arty folk! 21 inch full high definition wide format display. Users can work directly on screen by Sketching, or painting, and design and…


  • Catillac Cat Playhouse

    If you’re a cat owner you know how much they love playing and sleeping in cardboard boxes, but they look tatty in a tidy home, so pimp-up your cat’s house with this Catillac house for cats. Folds together and…


  • Pocket Lighter Gas Torch

    Don’t mess around when lighting a fire or a cigarette! This powerful pocket lighter gas torch with electronic ignition reaches temperatures up to 1300 degrees to make darn certain whatever it is you point it at catches fire by…


  • 3D Moon Light

    These small (4-inch) 3D Moon lights are covered with a lifelike 3D picture of the moon’s surface. At 7 Watts they make ideal nightlights for ‘lunar-tics’ and kids rooms. Find out where the Eagle landed! Mission control has an…


  • Wood Rowing Machine

    Keep fit and look contemporary at the same time with this stylish, designer wooden rowing machine! The WaterRower Rowing Machine is constructed from Ash and Oak and has a with “water flywheel”  which simulates the feeling and water resistance…


  • Butt Towel

    This novelty Butt Towel is sure to raise a laugh. Made from all cotton velour and measures 58-inches X 26-inches. ass-tastic gift for dad.


  • Bike Trailer

    If you like riding a cycle but have young kids this Weehoo iGo Pro Bike Trailer is just the thing to take them with you. For ages 2 to 9 with a safe weight limit of 65 lbs. Adjustable…


  • Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

    If you fancy the idea of having a hot tub without going to too much expense then this Intex Purespa  Inflatable  Hot Tub Spa might be just what you need. Contains 120 high pressure bubblle jets, hold 210 gallons…


  • Rotopax Gasoline Storage Packs

    The Rotopax RX-2G Gasoline Packs are a neat way to store gasoline. These 2 gallon containers are guaranteed not to leak,  can be fixed almost anywhere, and the mounting kits lock them in place. Rotopax are the only EPA…


  • Magic Book Reader

    This gadget is great fun for the kids as well as helping them learn to read. Records and reads aloud any picture book in the world,  and in any language. Clips directly onto a recorded picture book and recognizes…


  • Child Pack with Safety Harness

    This mini-pack is for toddlers to carry their mobiles, lunch, books etc – lol. More importantly it has a safety harness so parents can keep a hold of their offsprings. Made from strong polyester with a fun animal design. …


  • Collar Stay Multi-Tool

    If you have been a Boy Scout and like to be prepared, fancy yourself as 007,  or are at risk of being captured by enemy forces.  then these Titanium collar stay multi-tools could be right up your alley! 2…


  • Adjustable Hand Exerciser

    The Planet Waves Varigrip Adjustable Hand Exerciser, is a great device for training your fingers and strengthening the muscles, with the advantage you can use it silently anywhere. Ideal for musicians. Variable tension provides customized conditioning for individual fingers….


  • Hidden Door Hinge System

    With this Hidden Door Hinge System you can create your own secret doorway, either to another room or perhaps a firearms rack. The hinges hold up to 250 lbs so they could be used to hold a set of…


  • Dart Coat Hooks

    Avid darts fans are sure to love these novelty dart coat hooks. Made from chromed steel, these hangers will screw in to any substrate. Neat gift item for arrow chuckers!


  • Sony SW2 Smartwatch

    The Sony SW2 Smartwatch is a super-cool smart watch for Android OS phones. Apart from telling the time as a digital watch, even in sunlight, it connects to your mobile via Bluetooth so you can receive messages, calls, and…


  • Manual to Manhood Book

    Great book for teens and young adults finding their way in the world. The Manual to Manhood empowers you with 100 or so manly skills that you will need in life, from how to cook a steak to impressing…


  • Grill Daddy Heat Shield Tongs

    These stainless steel tongs with heat shield will protect your hands from being barbecued along with your food! The shield rotates as the tongs are turned, no more lightly grilled fingers!


  • Blue Meth Candy

    We cannot say this is one of the best ideas for kid’s candy we have ever seen, this Blue Meth candy is presumably inspired by the series Breaking Bad.  Package labeled as ‘Evidence’. Pack contains 3 ‘Test Tubes’ of…


  • Folding Crib

    Great for tight spaces or impromptu visits to the Grandparents, this portable, folding baby crib erects in seconds, ready to stop the little varmint escaping and keeping him secure.


  • Techno Gears Marble Mania Set

    Here’s a great learning toy for kids,  the Techno Gears Marble Mania Vortex 2.0 Construction Set contains more than 300 coloredl glow-in-the-dark  pieces that can be used to construct a variety of designs, limited only by a child’s imagination. …


  • Corsair K70 Gaming Keyboard

    Super mechanical illuminated gaming keyboard, the Corsair K70 uses Cherry MX keys throughout, has multicolor per-key backlighting, onboard profile storage and 104 key rollover so ghosting is not a problem. If that wasn’t enough the entire keyboard is programmable…


  • Surge Drink

    If you ever felt the urge to drink a can of Surge, you are in luck! This popular citrus flavored soda drink is now available again in the US. Very popular with thirsty Americans!


  • Flipbelt Fitness Belt

    Here’s a good idea for folks who like a workout. The Flipbelt Fitness Belt will store precious items like mobile phones, cash, cards, ID’s etc with easy access pockets throughout the length of the belt. There are no fastenings…


  • Compact Key Holder

    This little compact key holder gadget, is a great way to store flat keys comfortably in your pocket, or to avoid large bunches on your keychain. Included loop ring to attach fobs and other accessories. Made from aluminum and…


  • Dashboard Monk

    Stay calm and serene while driving with a little help from this Dashboard monk! Stick him on your dash, and the spring will make him nod approvingly at your excellent driving skills. If he lurches from side-to-side you know…


  • Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights

    These Lumenplay lights can be used indoors or outside for the festive season or for parties. Contains 12 colored LED bulbs with 12 inches between each light. Up to 500 of these lights can be added in series if…


  • Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain

    This handy shower curtain has mesh pockets for holding essentials like shampoo etc when taking a shower. Great way to keep the bathroom tidy if you’re short on space. Standard size 70 x 72 inches. Clever idea!


  • Quirky Pro Extension Cord

    This Quirky Pro Extension Cord is a handy extension if you are working up a ladder or steps with power tools. The flexible gooseneck design makes fixing the cord by wrapping it around a suitable object simple. Compact design…


  • Pokemon Clip n Carry Poke Ball Belt

    More fun for kids who like this Japanese phenomena, ths Pokemon Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball Belt, includes 2 figures, 2 balls, (obviously), and 2 attack tags, whatever they are!


  • Christmas Tree Train

    All aboard this Christmas Tree Train. This battery operated choo choo is for most artificial trees. Not very Christamassy, but fun for the kids and will give the cat something to attack!


  • Mona Lisa Clock

    This battery operated Mona Lisa Clock looks really cool, every hour the minute hand completes the face the way Da Vinci intended. A masterpiece of design!


  • Garage Door Opener

    This Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 is the last word in garage door openers. The included Smartphone app will not only open and close your garage door from anywhere, but will also monitor it and send an alert to your phone if…


  • Neck Massager

    If you get aches and pains in your neck or just want to ease away tension, then this wireless neck massager may be just what you need. It uses infra red and for deep tissue heat and adjustable vibration…


  • Gibson Memory Cable

    Here’s a cool idea, the Gibson GC-R05 Memory Cable stores over 13 hours of high quality audio on its included 4GB micro-SD card, which is expandable. Just plug in and start listening!


  • R2D2 Alarm Clock

    Star Wars fans may like this cute R2D2 Alarm clock to ‘force’ them to get up in the morning, it works on batteries and projects the time onto a nearby wall or vertical surface.


  • Dino Pet

    This Dino Pet is a fascinating new kind of ‘pet’ that uses photosynthesis to produce bioluminescence at night, just like alga that glows bright at night in some tropical seas. It’s weird, but it’s different. Cool idea!


  • Alienware Alpha Desktop Console

    Alienware Alpha Desktop Console. If you are a gamer you will love this little beauty. Intel Dual-Core i3-4130T Processor 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive


  • Baby Bump Sound System

    The Bellybuds baby bump sound system gives parents-to-be the ability to deliver audio stimulation to their developing fetus! Play music, soothing sounds or even voice messages directly to the womb. Can be used anywhere. Popular item so there are…


  • Brain Sensing Headband

    This cool Brain Sensing Headband not only confirms you have one but helps you train your brain apparently to relieve stress and anxiety with just a few minutes use a day. Sensors detect your brain’s activity so you can…


  • Bar10der Ultimate Bartending Tool

    Introducing the Bar10der Ten-in-One Ultimate Bartending Tool. All the necessary tools to carry out bartending operations on bottles and fruit in one handy gadget. Tools made from stainless steel.


  • 51q6w63v9EL._SL1200_

    The Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted 3D Viewer lets you connect your Smartphone wirelessly to the viewer so you can watch movies or any viewable media through the headset giving you an almost movie-like experience in 2D or 3D, sure…


  • Color Change Spoons

    How about this set of plastic reusable spoons that change color, pack of 12 containing 6 colors. Fun party item for kids.


  • Box Of 3 Volt Lithium Batteries

    It’s usually much cheaper to buy batteries in bulk, here is a box of Surefire SF12-BB 123A 3 Volt Lithium for all devices that use this size. Hih quality, very popular lithium cells.


  • Iron Man Classic Face Color Pewter Keyring

    Iron Man fans will like this pewter key ring with the super hero classic mask fob. Marvel-ous!


  • Domino Set

    See spots before your eyes, have a game of dominoes! This delux set comes in a velevt box.


  • Meyerco 18 Inch Machete

    Whether you are cleaning up an overgrown plot or hacking your way through the jungle, this Meyerco 18 Inch Machete will chop through the toughest stems. Non-slip grip with fingerguard and an 18 inch stainless blade.


  • Magnetic Chess Set

    This magnetic chess set is just the thing for long journeys. The pieces won’t fly off the walnut board if you hit a bump! Box is ten inches square with drawers to hold the pieces. The King pieces are…


  • Darth Vader Apron

    Keep the force with you while you cook with this Darth Vader apron and pair of oven mitts, because even a Jedi will burn there hands on a hot oven tray!


  • Black Face Playing Cards

    Some designer must have got tired of conventional playing cards and produced these striking black-faced cards instead. Ideal for folks who don’t like convention!


  • Lithium Cordless Dust Buster

    This Cordless Dust Buster Vac from Black and Decker quickly sucks up crumbs dirt and other debris. Uses Powerfuk lithium rechargeable batteries, much better than the older models. Onboard tool storage. Great for the car too, very popular vac.


  • Man Eating Shark Dash Dancer

    This novelty Man Eating Shark Dash Dancer might be great for surfers with a dark sense of humor or maybe fans of Jaws!


  • Presto Pressure Cooker and Canner

    Super-popular 23 quart pressure cooker and canner for folks who like preserving their own food and cooking under pressure!


  • Spy Night Scope

    The Spy Night Scope is a fun toy for kids to play with, it’s not a military grade image intensifier so don’t expect too much.


  • Bluetooth Pop-Up Speaker

    Cheap and cheerful Bluetooth Pop-Up Speaker with built-In microphone in a range of funky colors.


  • Fluxx 4.0 Game

    If you have never played this fun family game you have been missing out, it’s sold as the “The card game with the ever-changing rules”. It’s for 2 – 6 players and can be extended with other card sets….


  • Chess Teacher

    This chess teacher set is a great way to help children or beginners learn to play, each piece is marked with it’s direction of travel to help them quickly grasp how each piece moves so they can concentrate on…


  • Manhattan Laptop Briefcase

    This Manhattan Laptop Briefcase will hold a portable up to 17 inches wide. Lightweight but very strong case with a heavy-duty handle as well as a padded shoulder strap. Several compartments within to hold files and accessories. Great price…


  • Mega Screen Solitaire

    This large screen Solitaire game is ideal to while away a few hours, come with two variants of the classic game. Auto shut off when idle to preserve battery life.


  • Closet Organizer

    Make it easy to find, scarves, ties and belts in your closet with this pair of handy closet organizers. No-snag design, will fit to the back of a door and save space. Each piece is 12 inches long by…


  • Olympus TP7 Telephone Pick up

    If you want to be able to record telephone conversations from either a mobile or a landline then the Olympus TP7 telephone pick-up lets you do just that. It records both sides of the call directly into a recording…


  • Handgun Ice Tray

    From shooting parties to Mafioso conventions these handgun-shaped ice cubes should make things go with a bang! The silicon mold measures 5.5 x 7 x 1 inches and once frozen produces 6 icy shooters, automatically!


  • Dixit Game

    Dixit is a fun family card game for 3 to 6 players. Very popular game that everyone can play.


  • Shoulder Lifting Dolly

    If you are moving house or have a lot of heavy junk to move around, don’t bust a gut! this 2 person lifting dolly will make things a lot easier and put a loss less strain on your back….


  • Oggz Morph Lights

    These Oggz look like giant eggs but are wireless, rechargeable color morphing lights that can be used anywhere inside or outside for lighting effect.


  • Garmin Forerunner 310XT

    For all you keep fanatics out there how about this Garmin Forerunner 310XT fitness watch. Includes GPS with a USB Ant Stick and Heart Rate Monitor. Keep track of yourposition, distance, pace, heart rate data, even if you are…


  • Solar Powered Cockroach

    Here’s a fun item for the kids to teach them about solar power, a solar powered cockroach! Great for frightening your granny, just make sure nobody steps on it!


  • Red Bean Eye Pillow

    Another stress-relieving health product from the East, this time a warming eye pillow. After heating, natural vapor from bean helps relieve tired eyes, and soothe away stress. Seems like a good idea if you are stressed out.


  • Playing Card Holders

    If you like to play cards socially with friends who don’t cheat, these curved wooden card holders are very handy, especially for folks with small hands or those who cannot hold a handful of cards very well. Very popular.


  • PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller

    Mega-popular wireless Bluetooth controller for the PS3 game console. Allows up to seven players in a game, each with their own controller of course. Lets you feel every hit, crash, and explosion with hand-vibrating responses. Awesome addition to the…


  • Ultrasonic Room Humidifier

    Super quiet Ultrasonic humidifier for any room including a bedroom. Tanks holds over a gallon of water for hours of use. Adjustable mist control, auto shut-off when empty and refill indicator. Very popular gadget for the home.


  • Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer

    Always make sure your refridgerator or freezer is actually working and keeping food stored at the correct temperature with this stainless steel thermometer with safe zone indicators. 2.5 inch dial. Good idea especially if you store ice cream. Cheap…


  • Soccer Ball Puzzle

    Novelty wooded desktop 3D soccer ball puzzle 4.5 across around, ideal for fans of the beautiful game! Instructions on how to do the puzzle are included in case you make a balls-up!


  • PlayStation Move Essentials Pack

    Get more from your gaming console with this PlayStation Move Essentials Pack. The PlayStation Move is for motion gaming which gives precise control of movements than other controllers. Very popular add-on gadget.


  • Rocket Balloons

    Here’s a great and really popular fun toy for the kids. Pump up these Rocket balloons, launch them and watch them go flying in the air in all directions while making a funny noise as they fly. The kids…


  • Rotating Stage Light

    For your next party or disco set the mood with these LED rotating stage lights. They allow strobong effects and color mixing patterns. E27 thread. Really cool and very popular, buy several at this price for great lighting effects….


  • Stealth Com Walkie Talkies

    Hours of fun for the kids with these Stealth Com Walkie Talkies. They have a range of up to 100 feet and are hands-free.


  • Standing Cover for iPad Mini

    Novelty standing cover for the iPad mini and those with Mini with retina display. Made of foam to protect the devices from bumps and knocks, available in a range of groovy colors. Very popular stand.


  • Solar-Powered Double Rainbow Maker

    Pimp up your rooms with this solar powered double rainbow maker. Looks a bit weird but the Swarovski cryastals inside create the rainbow color effect across a room. 7 inches tall. Solar panel causes the unit to rotate the…


  • Hockey Folding Pro Goal

    Play hockey anywhere with this Mylec Folding Hockey Goal Set. When open it measures 48 by 37 inches, made from rustless high impact PVC. Ball and 2 sticks included. Popular set.


  • UltraPod Go Camera Tripod

    This lightweight polycarbonate UltraPod GO Tripod from Pedco is suitable for all cameras and other devices up to 1 LB in weight. The device operates in three ways as a tripod on a PowerStrap or handheld. 360° ball-mount for…


  • TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector

    With fuel prices the way they are you cannot afford to waste energy by heating your home and then having a fifth of that escape through drafts and poor insulation. This Black and Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector will…


  • Stealth Video Glasses

    With these Stealth Video Glasses you can record up to 20 minutes of video or take over 2000 still images of whatever it is you want to secretly film. Ideal for evidence gathering without being obvious. Upload the captured…


  • Universal Cable organiser

    If you have lots of wires and cables to carry or store then stop them getting like a tangled mess of spaghetti with this heavy-duty waterproof nylon cable organizer. compact 6.5 x 8.5 inches in size. Ideal for travel.


  • Useless Box Kit

    Here we have a completely useless box with a switch and LED light on it that does absolutely nothing except turn itself off. Yes it’s true, it is undeniably stupid, but fun way to waste money. Show the useless…


  • Stylophone Pocket Synth

    Here’s a great retro gadget from the 60’s that nobody under 40 or so will have heard of. The Stylophone pocket synthesizer! If we remember rightly it sounds like a helium-powered Hammond organ! Great fun to learn and a…


  • Fascinations Micro Bank

    The Fascinations Micro Bank produces an illusion effect with any coin placed in it. It appears to miniaturized before disappearing! It’s weird to watch!


  • Desk Top LED Ball Tree

    Balls! 48 of them to be precise, neatly arranged to form a 17 inch tree decoration. The balls are lit with warm glow LED’s and give a stylish contemporary look to the home or office. Well we think they…


  • Black & Decker LDX120C 20V Cordless Drill

    If you need a powerful cordless drill then the LDX120C from Black and Decker takes some beating for the price. This mother uses 20 volt rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, has variable speed and 11 torque settings for screwdriving. Awesome and…


  • Fcuk it Button

    You have seen the BS button, well here we have the novelty F**k It button, a great desk companion when things are not going according to plan! When pressed the button lights up and utters an array of funny…


  • AA Battery Money Stash

    Novelty AA battery stash, looks and feels like a real battery but it has a screw top that reveals a secret compartment big enough to take a paper money bill. Great for when you think you are ‘flat’ broke,….


  • Doctor Who Ten Sonic Screwdriver

    How about this copy of the sonic screwdriver as used by Doctor number 10, David Tennant in the long-running TV series. Far from being just a model this sonic screwdriver includes a hidden UV pen & UV light which…


  • White PlayStation 4 Console with Destiny Bundle

    This cool games bundle includes a White PlayStation 4 Console, 1x DualShock 4 Wireless Controller , Destiny game, HDMI Cable, Power Cable, Wired Mono Headset, and a USB Charging cable and includes a Free 30-Day PlayStation Plus Trial. Great…


  • Sport Armband for Apple iPhone

    Here’s a great way to carry your iphone or iPod when out running or pole vaulting! This armband fits, naturally enough, onto your arm, as long as your biceps are no bigger than 14 inches! Clear covers lets you…


  • Stormproof Match Kit

    These stormproof matches are a great way to light fires even in the strongest winds that blow out ordinary matches, special coating keeps them alight and a wax coating makes certain they stay dry. You get 2 Packs of…


  • World Wide Travel Charger

    If you travel abroad you won’t have to worry about adapters for electrical outlets with this Universal World Wide Travel charging Adapter plug, it will fit most sockets in use over the world. It doesn’t convert voltage though so…


  • Cocoon Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Play the music from your phone or other device for all to hear with this Cocoon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Contains a Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for up to 7 hours of playing time per charge. Uses Buetooth technology so you…


  • Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

    If you need a pair of cheap but good quality general purpose bino’s then these Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars will do the job nicely. They 10x magification and let plenty of light in with their 50mm coated…


  • Car Dash DVR

    Record your progress as you drive along in your vehicle with this dash mounted DVR recorder with night vision capability and built-in microphone. Has a 2.5 inch rotating screen which folds when not in use. 16mm Color CMOS HD…


  • Balancing Bird

    Delightful balancing bird novelty, it seems to defy gravity as it balances in a seemingly impossible position. Cool for kids!


  • Cosmos – Art In Motion

    This piece of desk art represents the Cosmos, and makes another object of fascination and something else to play with on your desk!


  • Disney Frozen Soundtrack

    Very popular double CD soundtrack from the Disney film Frozen. Original re-issue recordings. Sing and hum along-a-Disney!


  • Liquid Motion Desk Toy

    If you get bored sitting at your desk all day, then watching this Liquid Motion Desk Toy will give you something to do. As a bonus you can try and figure out how it works!


  • Key Bottle Opener

    Keep this stainless steel Key Bottle Opener with your bunch of keys and you will always be able to open a bottle of beer should the need arise, which it frquently does! Neat gadget.


  • Illuminated Eye Loupe

    Great little gadget for the close scrutiny of any object. This Illuminated Eye Loupe makes it easier to see things in close-up as it shines a light exactly where you need it. Simple but brilliant idea. Very popular.


  • BMW X6 Wireless Mouse

    How about super-cool BMW X6 wireless mouse. 3 DPI settings with an operating distance of up to 30 meters. Working head and tail lights that can be switched off if desired. Cool gift for BMW lovers.


  • Color Changing Lightbulb

    Super-popular color changing lightbulbs available with various pin layouts. These 3 Watt low energy bulbs have four primary colors, from which it makes 12 different hues of light, using any of four modes of operation. Flashing, strobe, fade, or…


  • iPhone 6 Weatherproof Case

    If you forked out for an iPhone 6 you won’t want it getting damaged or scratched. This aluminum case will protect from dust, dirt and scratches as well as keeping out the rain. It also includes a charging cable…


  • Flying Alarm Clock

    Try and turn this sucker off and go back to sleep! When it’s time to get up this flying alarm clock will wake you and make you get out of bed to catch it and turn it off! Easy…


  • Flexible LED Light Strip

    These Flexible LED Light Strips are really cool. Use them for for disco’s, parties and other fun stuff. The glow in three colors, and can be adjusted for all kinds of patterns with the remote control. 50K hours lifespan…


  • CREE Q5 Led Flashlight

    The CREE Q5 Led Flashlight is a dinky, but powerful pocket flashlight. I tuses just a single AA battery but the output is an amazing 300 lumens.The beam even adjusts from spot to flood. Great little torch for the…


  • Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm

    These gadgets have likely saved many lives since they were first invented. Carbon Monoxide gas caused by faulty natural gas and other fuel appliances is a silent, colorless, odorless, killer of humans (and pets). If you don’t have one…


  • Microwave Egg Boiler

    Have you have ever tried to boil an egg in a microwave oven and suffered the explosive consequences? If so you need the Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler, it will boil 4 eggs at a time, hard or soft….


  • Ravpower 13000 Powerbank

    If you need a medium power portable charger for your smartphone or other device then this Ravpower 13000 mAh Powerbank will do the job well. Very popular unit.


  • Star Wars Metal R2D2 Model

    A rather fetching metal model of Star Wars R2D2 robot, requires assembly and a mininimum amount of ‘force’ to put together. Cool!


  • Wall Clock Safe

    Keep you valuables hidden but in plain view with this wall clock safe, it’s unlikely any thief would steal a $10 wall clock as they would be too busy rummaging through your drawers!


  • Wooden Chess Set

    Even in the age of computer games, chess is still as popular as ever as it is still one of the few games that relies purely on skill to win and you never play the same game twice!


  • Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

    Mega-popular Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker tracks you every move and calculates distance and calories burned, sleep patterns etc. Synchronizes to a Smartphone or PC so you can keep track of your progress. Silent alarm for those early morning…


  • LED Message Board USB Hub

    Another handy item for the desk, This is a combined 4 port USB hub, digital alrm clock and illuminated message board. Cool gadget!


  • Magic Fishbowl

    If you like watching fish but don’t want the hassle of looking after them them, then this Magic Fishbowl is the answer. This baseball-sized aquarium houses two colorful fake fish that swim around all day long and rewuire zero…


  • Hands Cell Phone Holder

    Here’s a ‘handy’ desk accessory, a pair of hands phone holder also doubles as a paperweight and a holder for other devices. Very popular.


  • Stainless Steel Garlic Press

    If you have some vampires about(?) and you want to press some garlic, or even if you want to crush some for cooking, the Propresser Garlic Press will do it quick and and not leave everything smelling of the…


  • USB Mini Fridge

    This USB Mini Fridge, is powered from a PC’s USB port and will not only keep drinks cool, but will warm them as well. Cool!


  • Pac-Man Moneybox

    Keep fond memories of the PacMan arcade game alive with this Pac-Man money box with sound effects. Fun way to store coins!


  • Bananagrams Game

    Very popular Bananagrams Game, tagged as’the anagram game that will drive you bananas’ A bit like Scrabble with a twist. For 1 to 8 players aged 7 and up.


  • LED Illuminated Shoelaces

    Here’s a fun and useful novelty… light up LED shoelaces! Available in 4 colors, red,green,blue and pink. Battery powered with three settings, on, and two flashing settings. Great for nightime road safety as well as just wearing them for…


  • Rear View Sunglasses

    Next time someone says “It’s behind you” you won’t have to look around if you are wearing a pair of these rear view sunglasses, seriously though these are a great idea for cyclists and paranoid folks who think they…


  • Otamatone

    The Otamatone is tagged as the World’s cutest and weirdest musical instrument, which is hardly surprising as it comes from Japan and they make some weird stuff! It plays and even sings when you press it in various places,…


  • U.S.S. Enterprise Spatula

    Some ‘entrerprising’ designer came up with the idea that Star Trek’s space ship would make an ideal frying implement, and so this U.S.S. Enterprise Spatula was born, with it you can seek out strange new fried food!


  • Robot USB Hub

    Hre’s a great novelty USB hub for folks who like anything robotic. The Robot USB Hub is a 4 port hub for Windows or Mac computers. Has adjustable arms and soft wheel, eyes illuminate when connected, size is just…


  • Remote Controlled Fart Machine

    There is nothing quite like a fart to bring roars of laughter! This remote controlled fart machine will control 15 different effects from up to 100 feet away. The funny possibilities are endless. Great for public transport and elevators!


  • Stealing Panda Coin Bank

    Place a coin on the special pad outside the box and watch the cute panda wake up and paw it into the box. Great fun money box for kids.


  • USB Voltage – Current Multimeter

    This USB gadget lets you monitor charging voltage and current accurately from a port. 3V – 8V and 0A -3 A ranges. Ensures you are charging your devices in the most efficient way. Cool!


  • Barking Dog Alarm

    If you don’t have a dog, you can pretend you have a snarling, vicious beast in your house with this ED-50 Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog Barking Dog Alarm. Plugs into any standard electrical outlet indoors. The closer an intruder…


  • Smiley Face Pin Spy

    This gadget looks like a Smiley badge but it houses a miniature video camera and microphone, great novelty for hippie spies! Far out, groovy gadget!


  • SpiderMan Projectable Night Light

    Cool night light for kids who love Spidey! This SpiderMan Projectable Night Light uses LED’s and plugs in to an outlet. Emits a glowing guide light while projecting a three-foot image on the wall or ceiling


  • 24 Hour Mechanical Time Switch

    New-fangled digital time switches are okay, but they can go wrong. This 24 Hour Mechanical Time Switch lets you do it the old-fashioned, reliable way. Rated up to 40 Amps for home or commercial applications. Provides 1 to 12…


  • Practical Electronics for Inventors Book

    This Practical Electronics for Inventors Book is a Kindle edition and contains over a 1000 digital pages of data and practical know-how for inventors and nerdy folk to master electronic circuitry. Excellent book, very popular.


  • Hand Held Label Maker

    Dymo seem to have been around forever, and they have bought their unique devices up-to-date with this Dymo Label Manager 160 Hand Held Label Maker, which offers 195 symbols and also some modern clipart images. Uses 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″…


  • Indoor Humidity Monitor

    The AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor lets you keep a check on indoor humidity and temperature levels, also registers daily highs and lows for both. Has magnetic backing or its own folding stand. 62 x 75 mm approx. Very popular…


  • Aerolatte Milk Frother

    Whisk your hot or cold milky drinks to a froth with this battery-powered Aerolatte Milk Frother. Takes about 30 seconds whisking and you are good to go. Uses 2 AA batteries. Very popular whisk.


  • 8GB USB Drive Audio Voice Recorder

    You can record up to 150 hours of speech on this portable 8GB USB Flash Drive Audio Voice Recorder. Great for recording lectures or presentations and many other applications. Very popular gadget, good price too.


  • Switchblade Mustache Comb

    If you want your facial hair to look well-groomed, how about this novelty Switchblade Mustache Comb to keep it looking neat.


  • World’s Best Marbles

    These take us back a bit! This pack contains 50 of the world’s best marbles with instructions on how to play. Just as much fun to play as ever, for kids old enough to know not to swallow them…


  • Maxell Button Cell Battery Pack

    Never run out of button cells with this Maxell button cell battery pack. 1.5Volt 138 mAh cells for any devices that take this size. Size of these is 11.6 x 5.4 mm. Much cheaper way to buy batteries!


  • iSing CD+G Karaoke System

    Show of your singing talent or get on everyone’s nerves with this iSing portable Karaoke system. Great for impromptu performances.


  • USB Data Cable Travel Kit

    This handy folding data cable gadget is great for traveling. Contains Apple 8 pin and 30 pin connectors and a standard micro USB as well as a USB.


  • Solar Powered Fan Hat

    When you are out playing golf and the sun is beating down, you might be glad you bought this solar powered fan hat that will waft cool air onto your face. Cool – ing!


  • Sproutamo Seed Sprouter

    If you like watching stuff grow from seeds then the Sproutamo Easy Sprout sprouter are a very popular way to do it. Great way to germinate stuff without mold and other problems.


  • Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife

    The Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife, is a very popular general purpose knife probably due to its carbon steel blade which stays sharp a lot longer than stainless which is useless for cutting tools. Length 9 inches, blade 4…


  • Genco Pocket Brush

    The tiny Genco Pocket Brush can be carried in any pocket and is much harder to lose than a comb! Very handy!


  • Non-stick Cooling Rack

    Popular pair of non-stick cooling racks for anything baked that needs to be cooled before storing.


  • Hand Cranked Card Shuffler

    If you are hopeless at shuffling playing cards this hand cranked card shuffler will do it with ease, you just turn the handle.


  • Digital Pocket Scale

    This handy Digiweigh pocket scale will weigh up to 100 grams of material in ounces, grains or carats. Ideal for weighing Colombian marching powder or small quantities of anything!


  • Speed Waver

    Style your hair the easy way with this electric Pro Beauty Tools speed waver. Uses ceramic plates with variable heat settings for all hair types. Very popular.


  • Konjac Sponge

    Here’s a super-duper exfoliating sponge. The Konjac Sponge. Made from edible plant fibers of a plant grown in the sub-tropics. Very soft and great for the skin. The ladies will love this!


  • Peter Rabbit Tea Set

    Delightful Peter Rabbit tea set created in porcelain by Reutters. It’s a child’s set, but at this price they would need to be careful with it! You may have to take tea with them!


  • Chinese Checkers

    In the days before the electronics revolution people got amusement from pastimes like this Chinese Checkers game. Simple rules, but plotting the best moves requires actually using your brain. Wonderful game for 2 to 6 players


  • Golf Ball 3 D Wood Puzzle

    If you think this puzzle is balls, you are right in the singular! It’s a wooden 3D golf ball puzzle, as gifts for golfers go, you would have to go a fair way to beat it. Fore! or just…


  • Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp

    Super-cool designer Z-bar desk lamp. Metal construction, uses white LED’s. Not cheap but very neat.


  • Lav Nav Nightlight

    The Lav Nav Nightlight is great if you wake up in the night for a whiz! It sticks to the inside of the toilet seat and switches on when a nightime widdler approaches. Two color light, green for seat…


  • Electricity Usage Monitor

    If you want to accurately budget for your electricity bills and avoid wastage, then the Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor will do the job well. Just plug it in and the devicer will assess the efficiency of any…


  • Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

    Very popular little Swiss Army penknife, the Classic SD is just 56 mm long and includes a small blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezers. Made from stainless steel.


  • Swivel Mini Travel Charger

    This popular gadget is very popular with traveling folk, available in 1,3 or 6 outlet versions. Contains 2 USB ports for charging any device that uses them and of course increases the plug capacity of a single socket. The…


  • 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius

    If you like spy gadgets you will like this popular book from Brad Graham. 259 pages, containg lots of weird and wonderful gizmos used in the spying trade it gives you plans, instructions, parts lists, and sources for devices…


  • Pen Flash Drive

    This popular Pen Flash Drive has three functions, first as an ordinary ballpoint pen, it can be used as a laser pointer and is also a USB flash drive. Availble from 4 to 64 GB capacity. Neat way to…


  • Gold Bar Coin Bank

    Fitting design for a piggy bank. Novelty gold bar coin bank keeps your coins safe until you are ready to empty your stash!.


  • Hard Drive Clock & Business Card Holder

    Here’s a cool idea for a desk clock for anyone involved with computer hardware. It’s a real PC hard drive that has been crafted into an analog clock. The base is formed by a circuit board and the heat…


  • Micro digital camcorder

    This Veho micro digital camcorder is a cool way to capture up 3 hours of video footage onto a Micro SD card at a resolution of resolution 640 x 480 (higher resolutions models are available) Comes with a 2GB…


  • Star Trek Communicator USB Net Phone

    Beam me up Scotty! Fans of the show may like this Star Trek Communicator USB Net Phone. Works with Skype, MSN, AIM, iChat and other services. Windows and Mac compatible. Plugs into a PC USB port. An ‘enterprising’ product.


  • TeleZapper TZ 900

    If you are plagued with nuisance calls by telemarketers the TeleZapper TZ 900 will assist in automatically removing your number from their lists. Covers all phones and answering machines on the same line, lets you use phone as normal….


  • Compression Shorts

    Help protect your muscles from strain or injury when working out or doing sports, these Shock Doctor Men’s Power Compression Shorts will help hold everything together. Very popular item.


  • Squeem Trimmer Waist Cincher

    ‘Lose’ weight instantly with no effort at all other than putting the Squeem Compression Waist Cincher on! Makes you look slimmer instantly by squeezing in your flabby bits! Hugely popular.


  • Uhuru 5600 mAh Power Bank

    This Gorilla Gadgets Uhuru power bank with onboard flashlight will charge all smartphones and tablet devices to give extended usage time. This is a 5600 mAh charger and unlike similar devices acyually comes with Apple Lightning and 30 pin…


  • GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch

    GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Phone Watch. Unlocked for all networks with TF memory cards and Bluetooth supported. Touch screen display. Be seen talking to your arm! Cool gadget.


  • Swiss Army Money Clip

    Keep your bills clipped together with this handy Swiss Army Money Clip, complete with a few tools for your nails and a small blade. 3 inches in length.


  • Construction Utensils and Plate

    Make sure the kids eat their vegetables by making mealtimes more fun. This novelty contruction vehicle utensil set means they can play with their food while eating it! Dishwasher safe.


  • SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifier

    The SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifier will help you listen to anything in stereo with it’s 50 dB gain. Ideal if you have trouble hearing what is being said or played. Uses a single AA battery, last 30 hours. Very…


  • Tech-Tool Pen

    This useful Tech Tool pen, apart from being a ballpoint pen has a few handy tools, including a couple of small screwdrivers, ruler and a spirit level! Neat.


  • USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

    Get in the Christmas mood in the office with this mini 7 Color Fiber optic Christmas tree. Changes color automatically. Pretty!


  • Bluetooth Speaker Bar with Dock

    This Bluetooth Speaker Bar with Dock for Smartphones and tablets will charge those devices while playing music from them at the same time. 6 Watt speaker output and hands-free talking with the speakerphone capability. It portable too with over…


  • POV Case 3.0 GoPro-Edition

    Popular POV nylon padded storage case for gadgets, small tools and other items. Approximate size 8.7 x 6.7 x 2.7 inches.


  • Wireless Presenter

    If you do presentations then you might want to get one of these, the Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer. Has simple controls and a nicely visible laser pointer. The USB receiver fits inside controller itself when not…


  • Japanese Kit Kat

    Here’s a novelty, Japanese Kit Kat bars. Only readers of Japanese will know the flavor, it all looks Japanese to us!